When will ‘The Conners’ Season 6 be on Netflix?

The sixth and final season is currently on air and should come to Netflix once that's over.

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When Will The Conner Season 6 Be On Netflix

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The Conners is the now-long-running Roseanne spin-off on the Disney-owned channel ABC. In recent months, the show hit Netflix for the first time, with all five seasons streaming on Netflix in the US. Here’s what you need to know if you’re looking for when the sixth season will be streaming on Netflix and where you can stream it ahead of its Netflix release. 

At this point in the article, we must clarify that this article is superficially only for Netflix in the United States. That’s because the show is currently unavailable in all other Netflix regions, with the US first getting the show (as we first reported) on March 27th, 2024.

Believe it or not, Netflix has somewhat become the exclusive streaming home of The Conners. Until it dropped on Netflix, most back seasons weren’t available to stream anywhere. Hulu does carry the show, but only in a catch-up capacity.

Since its addition to Netflix, it hasn’t exactly set the streaming service on fire. The show has only been featured in the Netflix daily top 10s for a single day and has missed out on the global top 10s for the first week it was eligible.

With that said, if you have managed to make your way through seasons 1-5, you’re probably wondering whether and when season 6 will drop on Netflix.

Season 6 of The Conners began airing on ABC on February 7th, and this season is expected to be much shorter than the 22-episode fifth season. At present, it’s expected to run for 13 episodes in all, which will take it up to the conclusion on May 22nd, 2024.

The bad news is that Netflix nor ABC has announced when The Conners when the show will be coming to Netflix, but we do know that it won’t be anytime soon.

Instead, given how most licensed titles arrive on Netflix, we suspect that season 6 won’t be streaming until early 2025 in the US. Until then, Hulu will be your best place to catch up on newer episodes or, failing that, tune in and watch live on ABC.

How long will The Conners be on Netflix for?

If nothing changes and Netflix doesn’t pick up the latest season of the show (which we suspect will happen), our understanding is that Netflix currently has the show licensed for a period of three years.

That means the show is currently set to expire in March 2027 at the current time of publishing but should a new season get added, we suspect that may be pushed down the road.

Keep this post bookmarked, as we will update the second we learn more about the release date.

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