Why isn’t ‘Isn’t it Romantic’ on Netflix in the United States & Canada?

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Isn’t It Romantic – Warner Brothers / Netflix

Isn’t it Romantic landed on Netflix in many regions on Netflix on February 28th but the United States and Canada weren’t included. Here’s a look at why Isn’t it Romantic didn’t come to Netflix in these two regions, whether it eventually will and why this happens.

The new movie from Warner Brothers stars Rebel Wilson and actually began showing in cinemas in the United States and Canada on Valentine’s Day 2019. The movie finally released on Netflix everywhere else on February 28th.

The movie sees Rebel plays a hopeless romantic struggling to get a date but after she bumps her head, quite hard I might add, she awakens in a Disney inspired future where she’s effectively a princess.

Why Netflix doesn’t’ carry ‘Isn’t it Romantic‘ in the US & Canada

This movie is what’s called a “first run non-US” as cited on the Netflix media page for the movie. What this means is that the movie is distributed by two providers across different regions. In the case of Isn’t it Romantic, the movie is distributed by Netflix outside of the United States & Canada and in these two regions, it’s distributed by Warner Brothers.

Priyanka Chopra, Rebel Wilson, and Adam Devine in Isn’t It Romantic (2019)

That’s why the US and Canada saw cinema releases and won’t be available to streaming services for some time.

This isn’t the first time this situation has happened. Annihilation last year landed on Netflix everywhere outside of the United States as a Netflix Original. In the United States, the movie eventually found its way onto Hulu this year meaning Netflix probably won’t be getting the movie for a while, if at all.

When will ‘Isn’t it Romantic’ be on Netflix in the US and Canada?

Let’s assume that it does eventually find its way onto Netflix, it won’t be until early 2020.

Annihilation launched in a similar window and took just under 12 months to get to a streaming platform. If the movie does eventually come to Netflix, it won’t be until January 2020.

What could happen, however, is that Warner Brothers may hold the movie back for its incoming streaming service which is due to release later this year. This is just a theory for now as the future of the movie has yet to be fully fleshed out.

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