Why Isn’t Z-Nation Season 4 on Netflix Yet?

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Z-Nation season 4 was supposed to be added to Netflix on February 1st, but as our list suggests, it’s notably missing. We’ve got the latest on when season 4 of Z Nation will be on Netflix plus some indications as to why it’s slipped its release date.

The popular Syfy series is in high demand every year and we always get lots of people asking after its release date. Fortunately, Netflix gave it to us around the same as previous seasons this year announcing in late January that it’d be coming to Netflix in February.

Several times in the past few years since we’ve been covering Netflix has release dates slipped. More recently, The BFG had to be pushed back a month due to licensing issues. We’ve also seen Parenthood slip too but not any Syfy series. Netflix confirmed it was a licensing issue on Twitter:

We also reached out to Netflix customer support who unfortunately couldn’t shed any additional light on the issue stating that: “Z Nation is currently available until 3rd season”. As you’re probably thinking to yourself right now, “we already knew that”.

As for the actual release date, we’re expecting it to arrive soon or within the next month. That’s the longest we’ve had to wait for a series to arrive after slipping its release date. We’ll keep you updated on our what’s new on Netflix section with any developments.

Here’s some of the reaction on Twitter to Z Nation season 4 not coming out on Netflix on time.



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