Why Netflix Should Be In The Running For ‘Miramax’

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As you may have heard, Miramax Films is up for sale and has a few key players bidding for the rights and distribution to some of the 90s and 00s biggest cinema releases. Netflix isn’t thought to be among the front-runners but here’s why they should be. 

To bring you up to speed on the news, here’s what we know so far. Miramax Films is a TV and movie distributor that’s produced and distributed huge titles such as Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, No Country for Old Men, Halloween among many others.

At the moment, Viacom is reportedly the front runner to buy the stake in the company but we believe Netflix should be in the running, here’s why:

1) Huge access to a permanent movie library

Netflix is producing plenty of movies on their own accord but they’re doing that to replace contracts lost. Having access to these titles globally would mean they have a fantastic back library of titles. They could take a cue out of Disney+’s book by adding a Miramax library section to their website with accompanying logos.

Although Netflix does still get Miramax movies, they’re often for only several months at a time. Having these movies as permanent fixtures help sell the service.

We should also note that some of the movies in the list are absolutely fantastic. Just take a look at their back catalog and you’ll see how they’re valuable as a movie library.

Also with global rights, it would help Netflix grow a consistent catalog around the world.

2) Franchise rights to produce new titles for different licenses

Netflix has spent the last few years bringing in top talent to help produce titles for the service. However, with a back library of some huge franchises, Netflix could quite easily develop some of the franchises that Miramax owns into huge TV series and movie.

Obviously, we’re simplifying things a little here but imagine a series based on No Country For Old Men (something that is rumored to be developed) or a TV series around Halloween.

As THR says: “The extensive library and potential franchise rights, in fact, may be a tremendously valuable asset”.

Netflix themselves had an overall output deal with Miramax for many years but that concluded in 2016. With that said, many of Miramax’s biggest movies do regularly come to Netflix around the world as part of its standard licensing arrangements.

Miramax are currently working with Netflix on the Spy Kids: Mission Critical series and also produced The Perfection which arrived on Netflix earlier this year.

What do you think? Do you think the Miramax library would be well suited to Netflix or someone else? Let us know in the comments.

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