‘The Gentlemen’ Season 2: Will Netflix Renew or Cancel?

We look at the performance of The Gentlemen so far, what's been said about season 2 of the show and what we could expect.

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Guy Ritchie’s first foray into television is a big hit for Netflix. Sadly, there’s still no second season publicly announced just yet, but we’ll look at everything that’s been said so far about the prospects of a second season, how well the show is performing thus far, and what we could expect going into a season 2.

In case you missed it, The Gentlemen is a British crime comedy series created by Guy Ritchie and produced by Miramax Television. It continues Ritchie’s movie of the same name, released in late 2019.

Ritchie, with a team of writers, wrote all eight episodes and directed two, with Eran Creevy, Nima Nourizadeh, and David Caffrey each directing two episodes. Seventeen producers are credited on The Gentlemen, including Guy Ritchie, Matthew Read (Only God Forgives), Will Gould (The Wolves of Kromer), Ivan Atkinson (Wrath of Man), Marn Davies (The Gentlemen), and Miramax Television’s Mark Helwig (Lost in Space).

All eight episodes dropped on Netflix globally on March 7th, 2024.

Now, let’s look to the future:

How well is The Gentlemen Season 1 performing on Netflix?

The series has been one of the strongest performing shows of 2024 so far and the second biggest UK Netflix Original of 2024, only behind Fool Me Once, which put in a mega-performance, allowing it to enter Netflix’s all-time top 10.

According to Netflix’s top 10 viewership numbers in its first four weeks, the show has pulled in 345.60 million viewing hours, which is equal to 51.80 million views.

Week Period Hours Viewed Views / CVE Rank Week in Top 10
March 3rd, 2024 to March 10th, 2024 81,500,000 12,200,000 1 1
March 10th, 2024 to March 17th, 2024 134,200,000 (+65%) 20,100,000 1 2
March 17th, 2024 to March 24th, 2024 78,000,000 (-42%) 11,700,000 1 3
March 24th, 2024 to March 31st, 2024 51,900,000 (-33%) 7,800,000 3 4

Comparing The Gentlemen to Fool Me Once, we can see that The Gentlemen is holding on par with Fool Me Once from week two onwards but the huge debut week for Fool Me Once gave it the ultimate edge. Either way, both have been big successes for Netflix UK.

The Gentlemen Viewership Vs Fool Me Once

Views over time for The Gentlemen and Fool Me Once

As of April 4th (28 days after release), the show continues to be the third most-watched title on Netflix globally, according to FlixPatrol, with the show continuing to be number 1 in the UK. A heatmap below suggests the show has plenty more steam to go before it eventually drops out.

The Gentlemen Popularity Heatmap

Popularity heatmap for The Gentlemen as of April 4th – Picture: FlixPatrol

The Gentlemen Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 04/04/2024)

At the time of updating, Netflix has yet to announce the renewal of The Gentlemen. While Netflix did give the series a nod at its Next on Netflix UK event, beyond whispers, there’s no official announcement for the future of the show just yet.

Season 2 of The Gentlemen Rumours

Deadline has reported that Guy Ritchie has ideas for a second season. Marc Helwig, one of the executive producers of The Gentlemen, had the following to say about a second season:

“We have started that process. There are some writers we’ve talked to, certainly lots of discussion with Guy about what he might want to do in a second season, what things to focus on.”

However, Helwig emphasized that the first season “has to perform, and then we’ll know more.” He also stated that The Gentlemen’s success could spawn a more expansive franchise and potentially a “Guy Ritchie world.”

Is The Gentlemen a limited series? Would season 2 be in an anthology series?

One possibility is that the show turns into an anthology series, meaning we’ll get a new cast and story at the beginning of season 2 rather than a continuation, although with the possibility of crossovers later.

In an interview with Brazillian outlet Omlete, Theo James alluded to this, telling the news outlet (translated), “I think it works like limited series content, actually,” adding, “I think maybe there’s a way for Guy to expand on other films from his intellectual property, but for now, I think [the series] works on its own.”

What can you expect from the second season of The Gentlemen?

Assuming season 2 doesn’t become an anthology, what could we expect from a continuation?

After gathering the money to bid on Bobby Glass’s weed empire, Eddie and Susie ensured that they would take out the competition that had bid higher than they had. Alerting HRMC of Stanley Johnston’s tax records, he was arrested for tax evasion. As for Pete and Mercy, the latter hacked the former to death before losing her own life to Henry Collins, who subsequently, after raising £15 million of his own money to invest in Eddie’s and Susie’s bid, was murdered by Eddie on the request of Susie for his role in her brother ending up in a coma.

However, the entire bid process was a ruse by Bobby, who wanted to “wake” Eddie and Susie up to see if they were prepared to put some “Skin in the game.” With the money they amassed for the bid, they’ll now use it to invest in expanding the Glass weed empire.

Are Bobby and Stanley working together?

Using his connections, Bobby Glass ensured Stanley Johnston was sent to the same prison as him. With nothing but time on their hands, there’s a possibility that Glass and Johnston could join criminal empires, Glass with weed and Johnston with methamphetamine.

However, there could be resistance from Susie, who initially claimed to Eddie that the Glass family didn’t deal in anything like methamphetamines as the drug is too hot and garnered too much attention from the authorities. But, if all of the risk is placed on Johnston, Susie may be open to working with Johnston. However, if Bobby springs this on her unexpectedly and is not treated like an equal partner, tensions could arise between father and daughter.

The Gentlemen Season 2 Netflix Renewal Bobby Glass

Picture: Ray Winstone as Bobby Glass – Miramax Television

Will Freddy try to betray Eddie again?

Throughout the season, Freddy’s jealousy and annoyance at being overlooked by his father in favor of his little brother, Eddie, almost lead him to betray his brother.

Freddy came clean about his thoughts of having Eddie murdered. He’s also had a profound awakening and realization of the person he is and is coming to terms with it by trying to take accountability for his actions.

However, Freddy’s insecurities are what have gotten the best of him. When he was trying to showcase that he and Jimmy were able to crossbreed a cannabis plant with the coca plant, he seemed to think it would be the next big thing for drugs. If Freddy continues to be overlooked, despite his change in attitude, it may be enough to push him over the edge.

The Gentlemen Season 2 Netflix Renewal Freddy

Picture: Daniel Ings as Freddy – Miramax Television

Eddie and Susie?

A love-hate relationship for the ages. Eddie and Susie are certainly one hell of an intriguing pair. Eddie went behind her back on numerous occasions to get him and his family out of the Glass empire, which almost resulted in the death of his entire family after Susie learned of his betrayal and set Tommy Dixon and his posse of god-fearing scousers on Halstead Manor.

The pair have put aside their differences and are now business partners. However, as Eddie continues his descent into the criminal underworld, will that make their relationship even more volatile? Or will it bring them closer together?

The Gentlemen Season 2 Netflix Renewal Susie And Eddie

Picture: Kaya Scodelario (left) and Theo James (right) – Miramax Television

Who will be the next “villain” of the series?

We could see several new antagonists for the second season. Just several that spring to mind is an invading criminal empire that wants a piece of the Glass empire; the authorities begin breathing down the necks of the Horniman family, especially if Freddy gets himself into trouble. However, it could be the case that the number of times Eddie has been with Susie in public, it wouldn’t take much for a detective to put two and two together and begin investigating Eddie’s illicit activities.

There’s still the threat of the Dixon family, who will want revenge on Freddy for the death of Tommy.

The Gentlemen Season 2 Netflix Renewal Gospel John

Picture: Pearce Quigley as Gospel John – Miramax Television

When could we expect a second season of The Gentlemen on Netflix?

The release date for the second season is heavily reliant on the production schedule. The first season was shot between November 11th, 2022, and June 9th, 2023—seven months. It took nine months of post-production and marketing before the first season was released on Netflix.

If the second season followed a similar schedule, we’d look at a minimum of sixteen months. If you throw in the script writing, pre-production, etc., you could add a few more months onto the wait.

We could expect the second season on Netflix between late 2025 and early 2026.

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