Will Australian Netflix Original Pine Gap be back for Season 2?

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Pine Gap – Courtesy of Netflix/ABC

Pine Gap season 1 has now been on Netflix for several months and still hasn’t gotten its second season order. Here we’ll take a look at the official renewal status of Pine Gap and when you could expect season 2 of Pine Gap to arrive on Netflix. 

The drama/thriller is a co-production of Netflix that means while it’s carried as a Netflix Original it’s partly produced by another party. In this case, it’s the Australian broadcaster, ABC. The series is about a joint intelligence detail who work together in a secret facility in central Australia.

Has Pine Gap been renewed for season 2?

Official Renewal Status: Not Yet Renewed (Last updated: 03/23/2019)

The series is still yet to be renewed for a second season. Because the show is a co-production, it’s not entirely down to Netflix as to whether it gets another outing.

The decision will be jointly shared between Netflix and ABC although ABC will be the network who has to decide first.

The cast seems to want to return for a second season as does the show’s creators.

One metric ABC in Australia will be looking at is the viewing figures. Viewing figures for the show in Australia peaked with episode 1 with 580,000 viewers with a low of 360,000 viewers on episode 5.

Reviews have been mixed across the board with a particularly scathing review popping up in The Sydney Morning Herald with the headline asking “Is anyone watching?”.

When would season 2 of Pine Gap be on Netflix?

The show would likely follow a typical network schedule. By this, we mean that it’d follow an annual schedule meaning it’d likely air in Australia between October and November 2019 before ending up on Netflix in either November or December 2019.

That’s purely speculative at the moment while we don’t have an official status on the future of the show.

Do fans want a second season of Pine Gap?

There’s been a swathe of fans across social media requesting a second season. The series also managed to get a glowing endorsement from Stephen King who regularly gives his opinions on Netflix Originals.

In his Tweet, he said, “PINE GAP (Netflix) is a good one. No explosions, no fights (a little pushing around in the final episode–there are 6), lots of geek-speak. It ramps up the tension, though, and the whodunit aspect is beautifully handled. Hoping for Season 2.”


Now over to you. Do you want to see Pine Gap coming back for a second season? Let us know in the comments below.

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