Will M*A*S*H Return To Netflix?

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MASH was at one point a staple of the Netflix library in the United States. Sadly, in 2016 the show was removed from Netflix and has yet to return. The recent news means that’ll it’ll likely never come back to Netflix.

The series was and in many respects is still a cultural phenomenon. What we’re going to be looking at here is why firstly the show and movie were removed from Netflix and look ahead to the future to see if it’ll ever return.

The movie and TV series are of course separate entities but given they both have the same general premise, we’ll group them together. The show is based around the medics in the Korean War. The show lasted 11 seasons through the 1970’s and had plenty of accolades under its belt. It’s largely considered to be the highest rated show in history, one the most watched shows at the time and some of the episodes were ranked the best of all time too.

As you may remember, the series was scheduled to leave Netflix on April 1st 2016 and while we cautioned that it could be the case that it was simply up for renewal, April 1st rolled around and sadly it was removed in its entirety, along with the movie too.

MASH has a new streaming home

It’s taken many years but MASH has finally found a new home. That home is Netflix’s biggest rival, Hulu. The series came to Hulu on June 29th and will likely now remain there for multiple years.

Netflix has been slowly removing older hits from its library whereas Hulu is doing the opposite. The reason for this is that Netflix wants to be seen to be the place to go to watch fresh new content. In addition, it’s likely that CBS (the network of MASH) was asking for too much money which Netflix couldn’t justify for the viewers.

Are you sad that MASH won’t be coming back to Netflix? Let us know down below.

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