Will ‘Modern Family’ Come to Netflix in 2018?

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Is Modern Family on Netflix and if it’s not, will it be coming to Netflix in 2018? We’ve answered this question every year for the past three years and unfortunately, for most countries, it won’t be coming to Netflix.

Netflix has had a hand in a number of different comedy sitcoms but the biggest on television right now is still Modern Family. On the air since 2009, the series is now well into its ninth season on ABC. Following the viewpoints of three households who are all related, this family comedy filmed in a mockumentary format has still got life in it.

Over the past nine years, we’ve seen the show and the kids grow up and it still ranks among the best grossing TV shows on television right now. As a result, licensing is hard to come by.

Modern Family on Netflix US

For those that have been Netflix members for quite some time, you may remember that Netflix did once carry Modern Family. Sadly, they lost the license along with lots of other ABC shows several years back.

Hulu, which is part-owned by Disney, who also owns ABC, is the only place you can currently stream the past and current episodes of Modern Family in the United States. USA Network and Fox also have syndication of the show should you want to watch older episodes too.

Modern Family on Netflix UK

The series was shopped to multiple outlets in the United Kingdom but unfortunately, Netflix didn’t pick it up. The series is instead being streamed through NowTV which is owned by Sky.

Netflix Regions That Are Streaming Modern Family

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Netflix is currently streaming the show in some of the other regions it operates in. Netflix in France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Norway, and Sweden are all streaming Modern Family. Most only have seasons one through four and only get new seasons every April.

Alternatives to Modern Family on Netflix

Netflix isn’t short of a good sitcom. On the originals front, The Ranch, F is for Family and Grace and Frankie would appeal to fans of Modern Family. If it’s the mockumentary aspect you like, try Ricky Gervais’s Derek which has two seasons plus a special.

Of course, NBC’s comedy lineup still remains on Netflix in most regions including the likes of Parks and Recreation, The Office and The Good Place.

Would you like to see Modern Family return to Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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