The Joel McHale Show: Episode 3 Recap

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The Donna-Dorable feud is heating up. We have all the details you need to need about this week’s new episode of The Joel McHale Show on Netflix.

Dangerous Games

Sunday, March 4th, 2018

We jump right in this week and begin with the MTV show Winter Break: Hunter Mountain. I’m unfamiliar with this show but one can always expect high-quality programming from MTV and I’m sure this show will be no exception.

I was not disappointed. Brought to you by the fine minds responsible for The Jersey Shore, this week’s episode focuses on a fine fellow who calls himself “Sheen.” Sheen likes to pontificate about the complexities of breaks, primarily what makes them different:

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You nailed it, buddy. Keep aiming high.

Next, we meet Sheen’s roommate Carissa (Snow Snookie). She has big boobies, likes to bang, and if she came with beer would be the perfect woman.

Lock that shit down, bro.

And now some urgent news from BBC in Bejing:

Groundbreaking stuff. Back to you, Joel.

This week CBS unveiled its new show Ghost Island, its latest take on something that didn’t wear itself out long ago. In the premiere broepisode, teammates Chris and Sebastian find themselves deep in a bromancecapade. My term for two dudes that like the same stuff and are blown away by it.

“You like Sour Patch Kids, too, brotato!?” Soul mates.

Now for the real for seriously news: the feud with Today Show aftershow host Donna-Dorable is in its third week and is really heating up.

If you haven’t been following (as hard to believe as I find that), it all started when Joel showed a clip of Donna admitting she couldn’t book guests on her show. Then she showed a clip of that clip and then Joel showed a clip of that clip. Just to be clear: No one wants to go on Donna-Dorable’s show. She has a terrible name that she gave herself and should be stopped.

Donna-Deplorable (I’m calling her that from now on. No one should say that name out loud…like Voldemort.) tries to get the best of Joel by getting Josh Duhamel to tape a sassy clip, but even THAT bombed.

If your goal was to book guests for cell phone videos explaining why they won’t be on your show, you win, DD.

Billy Eichner drops by the studio and he is very concerned about this ongoing feud. He comes bearing a warning about DD and the lengths she will go to.

Flipping over to Love & Hip Hop: Miami, Michelle is bested by a strange man wearing lights and playing the drums at a party she gave for herself. Miami is weird.

Over on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, some dude retches while attempting to rub lotion on the nether regions of a lady. For the record: I think this is terrible. Not as terrible as Donna-Deplorable, but few things are.

Meanwhile, on the Donna-Deplorable front, things are really getting grim. (Note to self: Ask boss for budget to insert ominous musical score and/or video every time the feud comes up. Also, have ominous musical and/or video made.)

DD sends Joel body parts in the mail. She’s taking it to the mattresses, people.

Now it’s time for Sports Segment! Brought to you this week by Food. Apparently MMA fighters Jan Janka and Christopher Sengele have an ongoing quarrel we’re all supposed to know about and things get a bit dicey at a photo op. Pushing is involved and it’s actually pretty funny.

This week on Joel’s International Corner we take a look at the hit movie Krrish 3, a riveting film with situations that could totally happen in real life.

WHAAAT? Babies don’t fly through the air when YOU go to the mall?

On to Netflix news. They have developed short versions of your favorite series to save your precious binging time. Feast your feelings on this:

Speaking of things on one in world needs, it’s time for a couple of commercials. First up, a $40 cube of plastic that reads the bible. Because no one has the world’s most popular book or any type of device that could download the countless free versions of it available.

Only a fool would carry around something that conveniently fits in their pocket.

Our next item is The Buttress. A fully funded Kickstarter item available now.

Where can I get those pants?

One of you out there has a neighbor or loved one using this pillow right now. Protect yourself from this person.


That’s the show, everyone! Be sure to check out the plug of the week: Glam Up The Midterms. Billy Eichner is teaming up with Funny or Die to make voting fun.

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