Will ‘Pearson’ Season 1 be Coming to Netflix?

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Pearson – Picture: USA Network

USA Network has begun showing its brand new spin-off show of Suits called Pearson. Will Netflix be getting the show in any region? Let’s take a look at the streaming situation for Pearson season 1 and beyond. 

The new spin-off show to Suits (which is drawing to an end soon) got a backdoor pilot back in April 2018 during season 8 of the show. It’s about one of the lawyers featured in the show Jessica Pearson who moves to Chicago.

The 10-episode first season began on USA Network on July 17th and is due to wrap up in September 2019.

It’s important to note that at the time of publishing, it’s too early in the show’s lifecycle to know exactly its streaming plans but we thought we’d speculate and give our best guesses.

Will Pearson be on Netflix in the United States?

At the moment, we’re 75% sure that Pearson won’t be shopped to Netflix in the United States although no streaming service has been attached to the show as of yet.

Suits currently doesn’t stream on Netflix in the US with streaming rights currently residing with Amazon Prime. Amazon will likely want the rights first before its shopped to other networks.

With that said, Netflix does carry some USA Network shows including Queen of the South and The Sinner and the older USA Network show, Shooter.

The question Netflix will ask is whether the spin-off is worth streaming on its own without the main show.

Will Pearson season 1 be on Netflix UK?

Netflix UK does currently stream Suits and furthermore, it gets new episodes of the show weekly.

So far, the show remains unsold in the United Kingdom. Netflix may be waiting for further stats on how well the show performs before making the decision. Much like the US, most of USA Network’s titles either get shopped to Amazon or Netflix in the UK.

Other Netflix Regions

Netflix in Canada and Australia also get new seasons of Suits added yearly so may also be a natural fit for Pearson.

Netflix also carries Suits in most of mainland Europe, Asia, and Latin America although, like all the regions before, no streaming services have been lined up as of yet.

We’ll keep this post updated as and when we learn more of where Pearson is going to be streaming. In the meantime, do you want to see it stream on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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