Will Season 10 of The X-Files Come to Netflix?

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2016 saw the long anticipated release of the reboot or come back season of The X-Files which has been off the air since 2002. The reboot was a nostalgia trip that was generally well received and with a season 11 now locked in and confirmed, it’s time to look at whether you’ll be able to catch up with all the new X-Files adventures on Netflix.

The X-Files for many was a staple of their childhood and even if you haven’t seen the show, chances are you know the X-Files theme song if nothing else. The show stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson who up until 2002 were running a division of the FBI called The X-Files, their purpose? To investigate the increasingly common occurrences of extra terrestrials on planet Earth. Now in 2016, they’re back and with it comes all the advances of modern TV making.

Is the rebooted tenth season of The X-Files coming to Netflix though? Well the first thing we have to do is look at the past and unfortunately given how old the the previous seasons are they aren’t giving us much indication. A good sign is that the old seasons of the show are actually all available on Netflix so it seems there’s at least an ongoing contract, if not dialog between Fox and Netflix surrounding the show.

All of the new episodes were added to Hulu quite quickly but the show still hasn’t found an exclusive home for streaming. Assuming that another streaming channel doesn’t snap up the rights we think that it’s likely that season 10 of The X-Files will land on Netflix sometime between October 2016 and January 2017.

It’s worth pointing out too that the relationship between Netflix and Fox on The X-Files clearly extends beyond just hosting the show on the platform. What we mean by this is that over the past few years Netflix has been working on upgrading episodes from some of the early seasons of The X-Files to fit much nicer on modern technology and by modern technology, we mean the now widely adopted 16:9 format used for HD. It’s one of the few places you’re able to stream the HD X-File episodes.

Would you like to see the rebooted season of The X-Files land on Netflix? Let us know below.

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