Will The CW’s ‘Nancy Drew’ Season 1 be on Netflix?

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Nancy Drew – The CW

Netflix’s relationship with The CW has changed meaning future shows from the network may not come onto Netflix as they have previously. One of the newest shows coming to The CW but will it be coming to Netflix or has it been pegged for the new HBO Max service? Let’s take a look. 

Releasing in October 2019, the series adapts the book series of the same name for The CW audience. Kennedy McMann is playing the lead role of Nancy Drew and is a young and upcoming actress.

The series will follow Nancy trying to solve a mystery which involves supernatural elements. From the first look trailer, the series looks to have all the hallmarks of a good CW series. It’s camp, doesn’t take itself too seriously and looks to be a good binge.

Will Nancy Drew be coming to Netflix in the US?

As we mentioned, Netflix’s relationship is changing with The CW this year onwards. All existing shows will continue to get updated on Netflix but all future series, like Nancy Drew, will be dealt with individually.

In a follow-up piece in May 2019, Deadline.com reported that “Katy Keene and Nancy Drew are both being shopped, with Netflix said to be among the contenders.”

In July 2019, it now looks as though Netflix won’t be getting Katy Keene as the show featured in the HBO Max lineup but Nancy Drew was notably absent.

In August 2019, it was announced that Netflix US won’t be getting Nancy Drew. Instead, it’s been lined up for CBS All Access which makes sense given the network produces the show.

Will Nancy Drew be coming to Netflix outside of the United States?

As of the time of publishing, the series has still yet to be shopped abroad. Netflix has picked up a number of shows from The CW in recent years exclusively including the likes of Riverdale, Dynasty, and iZombie. It’ll likely wait for initial results for the show before deciding whether to carry it abroad likely under its Netflix Original banner.

Given the show is now not coming to Netflix US this could hamper its ability to arrive on Netflix in the US.

We’ll keep updating this post as we learn more on the distribution of Nancy Drew as its October 2019 release draws closer. Let us know in the comments if you want to see the show on Netflix.

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