When will Season 3 of Cedar Cove be on Netflix?

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If there’s one thing Canadian TV is good at then it’s down to earth dramas. Cedar Cove along with other shows such as Heartland have a massive following in the US because of this.

In the show it looks at the life of a municipal court judge and how she balances a heavy scheduled professional life to a personal life full of troubles. Andie MacDowell is the main pull of the show who is the judge Olivia Lockhart.

The show will unfortunately end on its forth season which makes it more crucial that we get the third season of the show so we can watch its send off on live TV. The end of the show is a sad move by Hallmark Channel but an inevitable one due to falling ratings for the show over a stretch of time.

Because of how television companies interact with Netflix, most of their contracts work in yearly cycles.

Season 2 of the show was added last year in June 2015 which leads us to believe we can expect that season 3 will be added in the middle of June 2016.

You can at the moment however watch the first two seasons of the show on Netflix in many regions including the US. The first season contained 13 episodes and the second season contained 12.

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