8 Great New Series Coming to Netflix in April 2024

Killing Eve, Ripley, and Black Sails are among our most anticipated series set to hit Netflix in the US and globally throughout April.

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Black Sails Best New Series Coming To Netflix April 2024

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With April 2024 in touching distance, we thought we’d cover all of our most anticipated upcoming series throughout the month, which is headlined by some huge new licensed series if you’re in the US, such as Black Sails, but globally, Netflix is adding some big titles, too. 

Usually, we don’t cover our most anticipated or best picks for TV series, but given how stacked April will be, we couldn’t resist. We previously covered our most anticipated new movies coming up in April 2024, which is headlined by a recent Denzel Washington movie that was previously exclusive to Max.

Want to see the full list of new arrivals on Netflix for April 2024? We’ve got the most comprehensive list on the internet!

As with our movie list, we’ll split this article into two halves. First, we’ll cover the global Originals coming up and then look at some of the licensed titles coming to Netflix US specifically:

Most Anticipated Netflix Original Series in April 2024

Ripley (Limited Series)

Coming to Netflix: April 4th, 2024

Netflix has a few big shots at Emmy Noms this year, but we’re about to see several released between April and May 2024, with May hopefuls being Eric and Bodkin.

However, Ripley is getting a lot of buzz right now from the likes of GoldDerby, who lists the series as the eighth most likely to win a nomination. Likewise, everyone I know with screeners is extremely bullish on this show, although it’s unclear how well it’ll actually perform once it reaches mass audiences.

The black-and-white drama thriller that Andrew Scott headlines and was originally in development at Showtime before being nabbed by Netflix is about a grifter living in New York City hired by a wealthy Italian magnate to help convince his son to move back home.

Goodbye Earth (Season 1) Netflix Original

Coming to Netflix: April 26th

Goodbye Earth Photo

Picture: Netflix

We’ve been tracking this new dystopian K-drama sci-fi thriller series for quite some time and after a big delay from its original late 2023 launch date, we’re finally going to get it in late April.

Based on The Fool At the End of the World by Kōtarō Isaka, the series looks into what would happen to Earth and its inhabitants if they were informed that within 200 days, the world would be destroyed by an incoming asteroid.

Dead Boy Detectives (Season 1)

Coming to Netflix: April 25th

If you can’t wait for The Sandman season 2, then Dead Boy Detectives should be a suitable stopgap and, by all accounts, a necessity to watch.

Set in the same universe with crossovers expected, the show is about two teenagers who were born decades a part running a detective agency.

The series has strong vibes of Lockwood & Co from what we’ve seen thus far, so if you’re still disappointed (or very pissed off), then this should go some way for Netflix making peace with you, albeit it’ll never fully replace that show.

Our Living World

Coming to Netflix: April 17th

Netflix already has some fantastic nature documentary series in its vast catalog with plenty more on the way. Next up on the list is Our Living World which comes from the same team behind Our Great National Parks which was narrated by Barrack Obama.

This four-episode mini-series sees Cate Blanchett, which will take you around the globe and explore different habitats and the creatures that dwell there.

Best New Licensed Series Coming to Netflix in April 2024

Note: Availability of these titles will vary from region to region.

Black Sails (All Seasons)

Coming to Netflix: April 17th

Black Sails On Netflix In April 2024

Picture: Starz

At long last, Black Sails is setting sail on Netflix. You may recall we first reported on the show coming to Netflix back in December, only for its January 1st release date to be pulled last minute. After having eggs on our faces for a few months, we’re finally happy to report that we were right all along!

Easily one of Starz’s most recognizable shows in its history, the four-season pirate series sees you picking up on events a couple of decades before the events of the famed Treasure Island.

An all-star cast, compelling sets and writing will make this a must-watch binge when it drops on Netflix US.

Killing Eve (Seasons 1-4)

Coming to Netflix: April 15th

Joining Netflix in a bunch of regions that received all four seasons of the hit BBC series Killing Eve earlier this year, Netflix US will get the series in full beginning midway through the month.

Starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, the multi-award-winning BBC series starts telling the story of you following a British spy who is tailing an assassin.

While I can’t say the latter seasons kept up with the fantastic first two seasons, Killing Eve is well worth watching for excellent performances and a compelling narrative that’ll instantly get its hooks in you.

Boiling Point (Season 1)

Coming to Netflix: April 29th

Sticking with BBC series, we’re getting the first and frantic season of Boiling Point next month following its premiere on the UK channel late last year. As we exclusively reported, Netflix is due to get the show for the first time in the US, with the series’ events picking up after where the critically acclaimed movie left off.

Among the impressive cast you’ll see throughout the series includes Steven Ogg, Stephen Graham, Vinette Robinson, Ray Panthaki, Hannah Walters, Izuka Hoyle, Áine Rose Daly, and Daniel Larkai.

MOB PSYCHO 100 (Seasons 1-2)

Coming to Netflix: April 15th

For the first time in Netflix’s US history, Netflix is getting the critically acclaimed and beloved anime series MOB PSYCHO 100. It was one of many anime shows Netflix just announced that it would be acquiring in the US and abroad, along with other titles, including Spy X Family and My Hero Academia, which is already streaming.

The show will continue to stream on Hulu and Crunchyroll in the US alongside its Netflix addition.

What new series are you looking forward to watching on Netflix in April? Let us know in the comments.

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