What’s New on Netflix UK This Week: February 2nd, 2024

Netflix UK added 33 new movies and TV shows this week.


Whats On Netflix Uk This Week February 2nd 2024

Picture: Despicable Me 3 is now available to stream on Netflix UK

There are 33 new movies and TV shows to enjoy on Netflix UK this week, including the return of Despicable Me 3 and the arrival of Four Knights of the Apocalypse, the sequel to Seven Deadly Sins.

First of all, here are the week’s top highlights:

Despicable Me 3 (2017)

Director: Pierre Coffin, Kyle Balda
Genre: Comedy, Family | Runtime: 89 Minutes
Cast: Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Trey Parker, Miranda Cosgrove, Steve Coogan

With a fourth Despicable Me on the way in July 2024, it’s not surprising to see the return of Despicable Me 3 to the Netflix UK library. The franchise continues to be a powerhouse for Illumination Studios, who released its prequel about Gru only two years ago.

Gru is reunited with his long-lost brother, Dru, and the pair couldn’t be further opposites. However, Dru wants to team up with Gru for one last heist.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse (Season 1) N

New Seasons: 1 | Episodes: 11 (New Episodes Weekly)
Genre: Anime, Action, Adventure | Runtime: 24 Minutes
Cast: Shou Komura, Kikunosuke Toya, Aino Shimada, Kanna Nakamura, Koki Uchiyama

The legacy of Seven Deadly Sins continues with its sequel, Four Knights of the Apocalypse. New episodes will be available weekly. Netflix is slowly making the positive shift away from “Netflix Jail” and allowing fans to tune into new and exciting anime weekly.

Purehearted boy Percival is prophecized to be one of four knights fated to destroy the world. Hunted by King Arthur and the nation of Camelot, Percival sets out on an adventure to find the other knights and to change their fate.

Jigsaw (2017)

Director: Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig
Genre: Horror | Runtime: 91 Minutes
Cast: Matt Passmore, Tobin Bell, Callum Keith Rennie, Hannah Emily Anderson, Clé Bennett

As far as horror franchises go, Saw is the gift that keeps on giving to fans of the torture sub-genre of Horror. After seven years, Jigsaw saw the return of Tobin Bell as the infamous John Kramer.

When a series of gruesome murders turn up in the city, all of the evidence points towards the return of John Kramer, aka Jigsaw, who has been dead for over ten years.


Netflix UK Additions This Week

22 New Movies Added to Netflix UK This Week: February 2nd, 2024

  • Ambulance (2022)
  • Are We Done Yet? (2007)
  • Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island (2020)
  • Brian Banks (2018)
  • Deep Fear (2023)
  • Despicable Me 3 (2017)
  • Ghostbusters (1984)
  • Grace: The Possession (2014)
  • Haunt (2019)
  • Holmes & Watson (2018)
  • Jigsaw (2017)
  • Ladies in Black (2018)
  • November Criminals (2017)
  • Orion and the Dark (2024) N
  • Poms (2019)
  • RedLife (2023)
  • Run & Gum (2021)
  • Snatch (2000)
  • The Interview (2014)
  • The Intruders (2015)
  • Welcome to the Punch (2013)
  • WILL (2024) N

6 New TV Shows Added to Netflix UK This Week: February 2nd, 2024

  • Alexander: The Making of a God (Season 1) N
  • Baby Bandito (Season 1) N
  • Doctor Slump (Season 1) N
  • Let’s Talk About Chu (Season 1) N
  • Mighty Bheem’s Playtime (Season 1) N
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse (Season 1) N

2 New Documentaries Added to Netflix UK This Week: February 2nd, 2024

  • Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin (2003)
  • NASCAR: Full Speed (Season 1) N

1 New Music Special Added to Netflix UK This Week: February 2nd, 2024

  • The Greatest Night in Pop (2024) N

1 New Reality Show Added to Netflix UK This Week: February 2nd, 2024

  • Love Never Lies: Poland (Season 2) N

1 New Stand-Up Special Added to Netflix UK This Week: February 2nd, 2024

  • Jack Whitehall: Settle Down (2024) N

What are you looking forward to watching on Netflix UK this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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