‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’ Leaving Netflix in December 2019

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Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Leaving Netflix December

Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown – Picture: CNN

CNN’s biggest docuseries will be departing Netflix for good in December 2019. It comes as Warner Media looks to get some of its top-flight content back for its upcoming streaming service, HBO Max. 

Note: this article only applies to Netflix in the US which is the only country streaming the title.

The series sees the late Anthony Bourdain globetrotting around the world to taste the world’s best food and see iconic locations. The series ran for 12 seasons in total.

Parts Unknown’s position on Netflix has been a little shaky over the past few years. Each year, the series has come up for renewal. Last year, the entire collection was scheduled to depart the service. Thankfully, Netflix managed to secure the license for another year but that did see seasons 1 through 6 removed from the service in the process. Season 11 did then get added to Netflix in December.

The remaining seasons on Netflix (seasons 7 through 11) are scheduled to be removed from Netflix on December 26th, 2019. 

If you’re running short on time to rewatch the series on Netflix, CNN released its list of definitive episodes to watch of which many are on Netflix.

Where will Parts Unknown stream after it leaves Netflix?

Beyond the CNN app which is streaming a limited amount of episodes, the series has been earmarked for the upcoming HBO Max service.

In a similar fashion, we’ll see Friends depart Netflix for HBO Max in January and The West Wing likely leave at the end of 2020.

The good news is that Netflix has made huge advancements in the food documentary space. Chef’s Table is still among the best food documentary series of all time, and titles like Ugly Delicious and The Chef Show are all must-watches too.

Away from documentaries, Netflix carries The Great British Baking Show, Sugar Rush, and Nailed It!

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