‘Estocolmo’ Leaving Netflix in November 2019, No Season 2

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Estocolmo Season 1 Leaving Netflix

Estocolmo – Picture: STORYLAB / KAPOW

Argentinian Netflix Original series ‘Estocolmo’ is set to be removed from Netflix in November 2019 as the series comes up for renewal. The series only ran for one season and despite the intention, never got a second season. 

Netflix first added Estocolmo back in November 2016. That means by the time it leaves Netflix, it’ll have been on Netflix for exactly three years.

The crime drama series that was produced by Diego Palacio and Nacho Viale from Argentina is about an undercover agent attempting to bring down a human trafficking ring.

13 episodes in total were released with a second season never commissioned by Netflix.

The series is scheduled to be removed from Netflix on November 11th, 2019 worldwide. These include regions such as the United States, the UK, Australia and Canada.

Why is a Netflix Original series leaving Netflix?

This is a great question and one that Netflix is going to have a hard time explaining over the next few years. Netflix Originals actually fits into one of four types.

In the case of Estocolmo that was produced solely for Netflix, this is puzzling as to why it’s leaving. However, it’s likely the production company controls the streaming rights for the show and therefore is why it’s leaving.

Of course, the series could get renewed and stay but removal dates in most cases are final. We’ll update should anything change.

Will there be a season 2 of Estocolmo?

Sadly, once you’ve watched the first season, that’s all there will be. Despite the creator of the series explaining that a second season has been written, there won’t be a second season either coming to Netflix or elsewhere.

Here’s what Nacho Viale who produced the series said (loosely translated):

The first season has 13 chapters and the opening of the second is but the public rules, we will see if it generates interest or not. The story is open, the second season is written but we must wait let’s see how the premiere goes. I don’t know if it would be worth a second season if the first were a failure. We are tied to success.