Italian Series ‘Gomorrah’ Seasons 1-2 Pulled From Netflix

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Gomorrah Removed From Netflix

Gomorrah – Picture: Sky

Fan-favorite Italian series Gomorrah has been unexpectedly pulled from Netflix as of May 15th, 2020. Here’s why it was removed and where it could stream next. 

The crime thriller hailing from Italy is among the best TV from Europe in recent years. The series is about a crime syndicate and the internal power struggle that occurs to keep it running.

The series maintains its 8.7/10 IMDb score with a strong global following.

Why isn’t Gomorrah on Netflix anymore?

The series was unexpectedly removed from multiple Netflix regions including Netflix in the United States as well as Australia and New Zealand.

The series was not announced to be removed in advance.

The removal maybe shouldn’t come as a complete surprise as Netflix has been behind on getting new seasons for a while. As of the time the show left, most regions were only streaming the first and second seasons.

Netflix US got season 1 added back in February 2017 with season 2 later added in August 2017. However, it hasn’t received the third or fourth season since.

Why was it removed? Well, as in all cases of removals, it comes down to licensing. Either Sky Atlantic (who produces and distributes the show) decided not to renew the contract with Netflix or vice versa.

The show’s removal hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans around the world either. Here’s a selection of people we found that spotted the show had been removed.

Where will Gomorrah stream now?

In the United Kingdom, all four seasons are available through Sky and NowTV which is owned by the parent company of who produces Gomorrah.

We’d expect other regions to follow suit, so if Comcast or Sky operates where you live, you’ll soon find Gomorrah available on the equivalent service.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for more Italian Netflix Originals, we’ve got a list here (it’s roughly a year out of date, however) and we’d also highly recommend Suburra: Blood on Rome that shares many similarities with Gomorrah.

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