5 Netflix Series Similar to Gossip Girl

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Similar to Gossip Girl on Netflix

It feels like decades since we last got our Gossip Girls fix but in actual fact it only ended in 2012. The popular TV series still remains, most often, among the most popular shows on Netflix regularly featured in the Trending Now section on your Netflix home screens. Why is that? Well it’s because it managed to hook you from the pilot and never let you go. Most people will watch it over and over again and for good reason but if you’re a little tired of the show and are looking for something a little bit different but along the same lines, listen up.

Here are 5 great TV series streaming on Netflix US that will hits all of the same buttons that Gossip Girl does.



90210 is essentially a clone of Gossip Girl in many regards with the high flying lifestyles its characters live to the bitchiness and drama that comes from it too. The CW produced 5 seasons of the show between 2008 and 2013. It’s loosely based on the 1990 to 2000 series called Beverly Hills but clearly modernised and projected for a more millennial audience.

Pretty Little Liars


Pretty Little Liars remains one of ABC’s flagship shows. It’s drama alongside the mystery of the show is what keeps you hooked season after season. It’s all about one mystery person who is using all kinds of methods of destroying a group of girls life who hide some serious bones in their closets.

The Vampire Diaries


The Vampire Diaries has got 148 episodes under its belt and shows no sign of stopping. The show is predominantly about a teenage girl who is split between two vampire brothers has spawned a massive universe that’s well worth the investment. This includes the spinoff series called The Originals, which is also streaming on Netflix.

Friday Night Lights

friday night lights

Instead of being centered around rich high schoolers, Friday Night Lights is primarily based around a High School football team. The NBC show follows the trials and tributions of the Texas football players focussing on individuals including the families of the players as well as the coaching staff.

New Girl


New Girl is more of a comedy and therefore probably the most detached from Gossip Girl but it’s a welcome and more cheerful series that could be watched on your Gossip Girl downtime. After a school teacher finds that her partner is cheating on her, she moves into an apartment with three guys.

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