5 Series Like Longmire on Netflix

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Longmire is one of the best Netflix Original dramas thanks to its fantastic story, casting, and setting. It tells the story of a Wyoming sheriff who moves town after the death of his wife. The new town isn’t quite the perfect move as he imagined though with lots of trouble set to head his way.

The series initially aired on A&E in the US but was picked up by Netflix as an original after the network was looking to cancel it. It’s had a long run on Netflix but its final season will debut in 2017. For those who love the series, you’ll no doubt be searching on Netflix for shows much like it. Here are our top 5 alternatives.


Heartland features the same down-to-earth and relatable characters that are found in Longmire. It’s based on a family struggling to keep together at their ranch as they go through testing times. It’s produced in Canada and comes to Netflix on an annual basis at the moment.

Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy is a very different show to Longmire but has a few key similarities. Firstly, it’s family driven, and secondly, it’s about balancing two different lives. Sons of Anarchy sadly ended a few years back but still has people bingeing through

Hell on Wheels

Although on its outside it looks like a standard shooter Western, Hell on Wheels is far more than that. It’s a down to earth look at life during the era by following a former soldier who much like Walt, is looking for answers surrounding the death of his son and his wife. The AMC show did wrap up last year but all seasons are currently available on Netflix.


Bloodline much like the town in Longmire holds plenty of secrets. The Netflix Original series, even after three seasons in, the show still has plenty of secrets to unravel with only one season remaining before it’s sadly going to be canceled forever. It follows the Rayburn family who has to deal with their past on a daily basis, much like Walt from Longmire. Not only that, the main character played by Kyle Chandler is a police deputy.

The Ranch

If it’s the setting you like in Longmire but fancy something a bit more light-weight, then The Ranch might be for you. The Netflix Original starring Ashton Kutcher is all about his family who run a Ranch deep in the south and is about them trying to piece their lives back together after several bad years in business.

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