Aema Netflix Comedy K-Drama Series: Everything We Know So Far

Production has started on the comedy K-drama series Aema.

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aema netflix k drama everything we know so far

Netflix recently announced production has begun on the series Aema, a fictionalized comedy-drama centered around the production of the film Madame Aema, which was a huge hit at the South Korean box office in the early 1980s. We’ll be keeping track of everything you need to know about Aema, including the plot, cast news, production updates, and the Netflix release date.

Aema is an upcoming South Korean Netflix Original comedy drama series written and directed by Lee Hae Young, who previously worked on K-dramas such as Believer, Phantom, and Like a Virgin. The series is produced by production studio The LAMP who previously produced dramas such as Taxi Driver, Mal-Mo-E: The Secret Mission, and Samjin Company English Class.

What is the production status of Aema?

Official Production Status: Filming (Last Updated: 13/09/2023)

On September 11th, 2023 Netflix formally announced that Aema was in production, confirming that filming had begun.

We’ve heard that filming will last several months, and come to an end sometime in March 2024.

What is the plot of Aema?

“Jeong Hui-ran, hailed as the best actress of her generation but removed from the lead role in the new film Madame Aema due to her dispute with the production studio. Having captivated audiences with her charismatic and effortlessly hilarious performances in Killing Romance, The Fiery Priest, and Extreme Job, Hanee Lee is poised to pull off yet another perfect transformation as Hui-ran, an actress who may be unfriendly to everyone but is unafraid to speak her mind about what is right or wrong.

Meanwhile, the up-and-coming actress Shin Joo-ae, cast as the new lead of Madame Aema, has made her presence known in short films with her unparalleled aura and portrayal of intense emotions. Joo-ae, a nightclub dancer aspiring to become an actress, suddenly finds herself chosen as the new star of the most anticipated film in Korea, Madame Aema.”

Who are the cast members of Aema?

Lee Ha Nee plays the main role of Jung Hee Ran. While the actress has starred in K-dramas licensed by Netflix such as Be Melodramatic, The Fiery Priest, and One the Woman, however, she has yet to make her official Netflix Original debut.

lee ha nee aema netflix k drama everything we know so far

Pictured: Lee Ha Nee as Park Kyung Sun in The Fiery Priest – SBS

Bang Hyo Rin plays the main role of Shin Joo Ae. A relative newcomer, the actress will be making her television debut and her Netflix debut in Aema.

bang hyo rin aema netflix k drama everything we know so far

Pictured: Bang Hyo Rin as Hwang Seon Woo in Long Live Hell

Jin Seon Kyu plays the main role of Koo Joong Ho. The actor has starred in multiple Netflix Originals, but mostly in guest and supporting roles. So far we’ve seen him star in shows such as Mr. Sunshine, Kingdom, Be Melodramatic, Vincenzo, One the Woman, King the Land, and The Uncanny Counter season 2. However, he did star in one of the lead roles of Space Sweepers as Tiger Park.

Jin Seon Kyu aema netflix k drama everything we know so far

Pictured: Jin Seon Kyu as Deok Sung in Kingdom (right) – Netflix

Jo Hyun Chul plays the main role of Kwak In Woo. Fans of the Netflix Original series D.P. will recognize the actor as Cho Seok Bong. He also starred in Inspector Koo and Memories of Alhambra.

jo hyun chul aema netflix k drama everything we know so far

Pictured: Jo Hyun Chul as Cho Seok Bong in D.P. (right) – Netflix

When is the Aema Netflix release date?

At the time of writing Netflix has yet to announce a release date for Aema. However, as filming is expected to end by March 2024, there’s a chance we could see Aema on Netflix sometime in late 2024.

The series will be available exclusively on Netflix upon release.

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