‘Mr. Plankton’ Netflix K-Drama Rom-Com: Everything We Know So Far

Filming is currently ongoing for upcoming romantic comedy Mr. Plankton.

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Another romantic comedy K-drama is currently in development at Netflix, with filming expected to end in December 2023. We’ll be keeping track of everything you need to know about Mr. Plankton, including, the plot, cast news, production updates, and the Netflix release date.

Mr. Plankton is an upcoming South Korean Netflix Original romantic comedy series directed by Hong Jong Chan (Juvenile Justice) and written by screenwriter Jo Yong (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay).

What is the plot of Mr. Plankton?

The synopsis for Mr. Plankton has been sourced from Soompi;

“Hae Jo is a man whose heart is empty because he owns nothing. Hae Jo dreams of a colorful future away from his gloomy plankton-like life where he feels like he doesn’t belong anywhere and doesn’t have anyone he cares about. Jo Jae Mi is someone who will give Hae Jo an infinite amount of love and want to become his family.”

Who are the cast members of Mr. Plankton?

There are four confirmed lead roles for the K-drama.

Woo Do Hwan plays the role of Hae Jo. Woo Do Hwan was recently seen as Kim Geon Woo in the crime drama Bloodhounds.  He also had a leading role in The King: Eternal Monarch and My Country: The New Age.

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Lee You Mi plays the role of Jo Jae Mi. The actress has been extremely busy on Netflix after already starring in two of the biggest K-dramas on the platform, Squid Game and All of Us Are Dead. She recently held the leading role in Strong Girl Namsoon as Kang Nam Soon.

lee you mi strong girl nam soon k drama is coming to netflix in october 2023

Oh Jung Se plays the role of Eo Heung. He previously starred in When the Camellia Blooms, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, and Little Women. The actor will also be extremely busy starring in upcoming K-dramas such as the second season and third seasons of Sweet Home and You Have Done Well.

mr.plankton k drama netflix romantic comedy oh jung se

Kim Hae Sook plays the role of Beom Ho Ja. The actress has starred in multiple K-dramas on Netflix over the past several years, including; Hospital Playlist, Start-Up, Inspector Koo, Tomorrow, Under the Queen’s Umbrella, Divorce Attorney Shin, and Strong Girl Namsoon.

Kim Hae Sook strong girl nam soon k drama is coming to netflix in october 2023

Kim Min Seok is currently the only confirmed supporting cast member and will play the role of Yoo Ki Ho.

What is the production status of Mr. Plankton?

Production Status: Filming (Last Updated: 20/11/2023)

Filming for Mr. Plankton began in late June 2023, and is expected to end in early December 2023.

What is the episode count?

It has been confirmed that Mr. Plankton will have a total of ten episodes.

When is Mr. Plankton coming to Netflix?

Given filming is due to end in early December 2023, we would expect to see the K-drama on Netflix sometime in 2024.

A Q3 2024 (July-September) release is most likely.

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