All 8 Seasons of ‘Weeds’ Scheduled to Leave Netflix

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One of the most binged series on Netflix, Weeds, is scheduled to leave Netflix in multiple regions within the next month. We’ll be sad to see the series leave Netflix, but will series be returning to the streaming service in the near future? Let’s find out.

Weeds is a dark-comedy television series created by Jenji Kohan. The series has been selected for numerous Emmy awards, eventually winning the award for Outstanding Cinematography for a Half-Hour Series. Some may argue that Weeds was greatly influential for the series Breaking Bad, which follows a similar concept of a suburban parent manufacturing drugs to provide for their family.

After the untimely death of her husband, suburban mom Nancy Botwin enters the drug business when she begins to sell marijuana to the local area. While the money is lucrative, it also comes with its own set of unique problems.

When is Weeds leaving Netflix?

Weeds is scheduled to leave Netflix in multiple regions on December 31st, 2019 and January 1st, 2020. All eight seasons will be leaving the respective Netflix libraries.

The following regions have Weeds scheduled to leave:

Country Leaving Netflix
Argentina 01/01/2020
Australia 31/12/2019
Belgium 31/12/2019
Brazil 01/01/2020
Canada 01/01/2020
Czech Republic 31/12/2019
France 31/12/2019
Germany 31/12/2019
Greece 31/12/2019
Hong Kong 31/12/2019
Hungary 31/12/2019
Iceland 01/01/2020
India 31/12/2019
Italy 31/12/2019
Japan 31/12/2019
Lithuania 31/12/2019
Mexico 01/01/2020
Netherlands 31/12/2019
Poland 31/12/2019
Portugal 01/01/2020
Romania 31/12/2019
Russia 31/12/2019
Singapore 31/12/2019
Slovakia 31/12/2019
South Africa 31/12/2019
South Korea 31/12/2019
Spain 31/12/2019
Sweden 31/12/2019
Switzerland 31/12/2019
Thailand 31/12/2019
Turkey 31/12/2019
United Kingdom 01/01/2020

 Will Weeds come back to Netflix?

As the series is “scheduled” to leave, there’s every chance that Netflix could renew the license for the Weeds. This wouldn’t be surprising as Netflix has an exclusive output deal with the Weeds creator, Jeni Kohan. The deal doesn’t include any previous series created by Kohan, but it is certainly a positive influence on Weeds staying/returning with Netflix.

Where will Weeds be streaming next?

In the UK there are a select few streaming services Weeds can land on. If the comedy series is picked up by a separate streaming service it will be either Amazon Prime or Now TV. If Weeds arrives on Now TV then Sky customers will also have access to the series through the Sky Go app.

As for other regions, it would be best to check all the relevant streaming services available to you.

Is Weeds leaving Netflix US?

At the time of writing Weeds isn’t scheduled to leave Netflix at the same time as other regions.

Weeds has been licensed to Netflix US since April 2015 which means its five-year license should come to an end in March 2020. Expect to see Weeds listed as scheduled to leave in Spring next year.

Titles like Weeds on Netflix

There’s an excellent selection of shows like Weeds available to stream on Netflix right now:

Will you be sad to see Weeds leave Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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