Are Seasons 1-2 of ‘Castle Rock’ on Netflix?

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Castle Rock – Picture: Warner Brothers

Hulu’s Castle Rock is one of the streaming platforms’ biggest shows but as many will be aware, Hulu isn’t everywhere and as of May 2020, one Netflix region is currently streaming the horror series. Here’s the current and rather messy streaming picture of Castle Rock and we’ll be answering, is it on Netflix?

The anthology horror series is based on the Stephen King novels set in the fictional town of Castle Rock. The show has boasted some top talents in its two released seasons thus far including Lizzy Caplan, Melanie Lynskey, Bill Skarsgård, and Paul Sparks.

A third season is currently up in the air at the time of publishing.

Perhaps the biggest comparison when it comes to Netflix series is The Haunting of Hill House, which we would argue is the far superior show anyway.

So, usually, when we cover a show that’s exclusive to another platform, the answer as to whether it’s on Netflix is usually a conclusive no. That’s not the case with Castle Rock as there are two major factors in play.

Firstly, Hulu only operates in the United States and secondly, the series is owned and distributed by Warner Brothers.

If you’re in the United States. The series is only available on Hulu which is likely where it’ll stay indefinitely. You also have the option to buy the series physically or rent via Netflix’s DVD platform.

Where is Castle Rock on Netflix?

Let’s start off with where Castle Rock is on Netflix.

At the time of publishing, season one had just touched down on Netflix in India. Season two will likely come at a later date and the series is complete with English audio and English subtitles. Hindi is listed as being an upcoming audio option but given the worldwide problems when it comes to dubbing thanks to COVID-19, that’s delayed for the meantime.

Where is Castle Rock streaming in the UK, Australia & Canada?

Licensing for Castle Rock outside the US is generally pretty scattered so let’s cover where Castle Rock is streaming for the main English speaking countries.

In the United Kingdom, Castle Rock is streaming both seasons on Starz Play which is also available as an Amazon Prime Add-on Channel.

In Australia, the series was sold to Foxtel and therefore both seasons are streaming on Foxtel Now.

In Canada, the series was sold to Crave where both seasons are streaming.

That’s the current Netflix picture with Castle Rock so far. Do you wish the series was on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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