Are The Release Dates on True?

Almost always they're not.

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of people reference a little website that’s publishing dates for new seasons of Netflix shows with countdown clocks. Is legit? The answer is categorically no.

Finding information about the future of certain Netflix shows can be hard. While sites like ours do our best to keep you up to date on announced information where available, sometimes shows just fall into a state where nobody knows whether they’ll return. Sometimes they’re ghost-canceled or sometimes they’re renewed and we won’t hear anything until a week or so before they come out.

Registered in 2020, the website claims it has a “Schedule of upcoming premieres, release date of new episodes and seasons” and that it covers production and development of projects too. While the site may have started out with good intentions, it does absolutely nothing but post fake dates.

A quick search of the domain on Twitter sees plenty of people duped into thinking that the release dates for their favorite shows are real. Thankfully, quite a few people post with a healthy dose of skepticism and they’d be right too.

Are the release dates real then? How are they even coming up with them?

Let’s answer that by taking a stab at a few of the shows they claim to have release dates for:

  • Self Made: Inspired By The Life Of Madam C.J. Walker – they claim that not only has this limited series been renewed for a second season but that it’s coming in March 2025 and will be back for four episodes. This is not true.
  • Everything Now Season 2 – They’ve claimed that this recently released show will be coming back (it hasn’t been renewed yet officially) and will drop on October 3rd, 2024. They’ve basically made the assumption that it’s been renewed and given it a year to be produced.
  • Griselda Season 2– Dubbed as a limited series, Griselda is not actually scheduled to premiere on Netflix until January 2024 but these guys have just said, “yep that’ll get a renewal” and added a year. Not true.
  • Rebelde Season 3 was officially canceled by Netflix but they claim we’re getting a new season in July 2024. Cobblers! screenshot Homepage Screenshot

We can go back even further on the Archive machine to see that all of their estimates never came true too. In 2021, they posted that Feel Good would release its second season on March 18th, 2021. It didn’t.

What they’re essentially doing is creating tons of placeholder pages and adding fake release dates and countdowns to hoover up traffic from Google. What’s worse is when we do get official release dates from Netflix they don’t update their pages.

In conclusion, then, do not take anything seriously as all their dates are pure speculation and based on nothing legitimate.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had to combat misinformation. As we’ve reported numerous times, a network of Facebook pages consistently shares that movies have been greenlit for sequels (Enola Holmes 3 and 365 Days 4, for example) that sometimes garner tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of likes. These often aren’t true or at the very best are misleading.

We reached out to the email address that’s on the privacy policy page for to ask why they’re spreading misinformation but they did not respond.

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