Big Mouth Season 7: Netflix October Release and What We Know So Far

'Big Mouth' will return for a seventh season on Netflix in October 2023.

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It’s been another season of debauchery and trouble-making for our favorite horny teenagers, and fans of Big Mouth will be glad to learn that Netflix’s best adult-animated comedy will return for a seventh season in October 2023. Here’s everything we know so far about Big Mouth season 7 on Netflix.

Big Mouth is a Netflix Original adult-animated sitcom created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett. The series is loosely based on the upbringing of Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg and their own experiences of puberty throughout their youth.

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Picture: Big Mouth – Danger Goldberg Productions

When is the Big Mouth season 7 Netflix release date?

Netflix has confirmed that the seventh season will premiere on October 20th, 2023.

Big Mouth season 7 Netflix renewal status

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Renewed (Last Updated: 02/11/2022)

Fans will be delighted to learn that Big Mouth has already been renewed for a seventh season.

The renewal for Big Mouth came earlier in 2022 soon after its spin-off show, Human Resources, was released on Netflix. When Netflix confirmed Human Resources had been renewed, they also followed it up with the renewal of Big Mouth.

new hormone monstress big mouth season 7 netflix preview

Picture: Big Mouth – Danger Goldberg Productions

Is season 7 Big Mouth‘s last?

At the time of writing, there is no confirmation that the seventh season will be Big Mouth‘s last. Typically, if a show is entering its final season, Netflix will announce this when renewal is confirmed.

As the most popular adult-animated series on Netflix, we expect Big Mouth to run for a few more seasons.

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What to expect from Big Mouth season 7?

Happier Home Life for Everyone (mostly)

Thanks to some major developments, the home lives of everyone changed drastically in season 6, and not for the better.

Nick reunited his nipple-twisting Scottish grandfather with his dad, but this turned his “soft daddy” into a “hard daddy” which upset everyone, especially his mom.

Andrew’s behaviour was constantly being judged, and even when the poor boy began wetting himself was even accused of doing so for some unknown perverted reason. However, a lot of Marty’s anger was an extension of his feelings towards his wife, he was afraid of losing her thanks to her spending more time at the synagogue.

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Picture: Big Mouth – Danger Goldberg Productions

Jessie’s home life turned upside down for her when her baby sister, Delilah, was born. Jessie had become paranoid that all of the love and attention her dad and Connie had for her was being taken away by the baby.

After some freaky Friday magic, some of the issues facing Nick, Andrew, and Jessie were resolved. Nick got his “soft daddy” back, Andrew’s antics as Marty helped his parents reunite, and Jessie’s time as her sister helped her understand the baby more.

The trio still have plenty of issues to deal with, but with their home lives on the road to recovery, we can expect happier home lives. However, this may also come with some level of embarrassment for the likes of Nick and Andrew whose parents are extremely sexually active.

The Swan and the Wolf

Jay and Matthew were incredibly happy at the start of their relationship, but without realizing it, Matthew had begun “domesticating” Jay, turning him from a wolf into a swan.

Saddened by the changes he had caused in Jay, Matthew felt like he was left with no choice but to damp Jay.

The relationship may be over, but will Matthew and Jay be able to keep their hands off each other? Also, if Jay begins to regress, he may go back to having sex with pillows and going after anything with a pulse.

There’s also the chance that Jay returning to his “wolf” nature, will only make Matthew want him back more.

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Picture: Big Mouth – Danger Goldberg Productions

Missy sexually frustrated?

Elijah came to the realization he is asexual and was finally able to open up to Missy about it. Despite how incredibly attracted to Elijah she is, Missy is willing to accept his asexuality for the sake of being with him. However, as one incredibly horny teenager, there is a chance that Elijah’s asexuality will frustrate Missy more and more as time goes by.

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Picture: Big Mouth – Danger Goldberg Productions

Who are the cast members of Big Mouth?

The following cast members will return in season 7:

  • Nick Kroll as Nick/Maury/Coach Steve/Rick/Lola
  • John Mulaney as Andrew
  • Jessi Klein as Jessi
  • Jason Mantzoukas as Jay/Guy
  • Ayo Edebiri as Missy
  • Fred Armisen as Elliot Birch
  • Maya Rudolph as Connie/Diane/Bonnie
  • Jordan Peele as Ghost of Duke Ellington
  • Andrew Rannells as Matthew MacDell
  • Paula Pell as Barbara Glouberman
  • Richard Kind as Marty Glouberman
  • Seth Morris as Greg Glaser
  • Jessica Chaffin as Shannon Glaser
  • June Diane Raphael as Devin
  • Chelsea Peretti as Monica Foreman-Greenwald
  • Brian Tyree Henry as Elijah

Are you looking forward to the seventh season of Big Mouth on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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