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Bird Box is the latest big thriller to drop on Netflix and while it mostly relied on the clever work of the composers behind the movie, it also employed some fantastic music from artists to help set a tone and mood. Here’s who’s behind the soundtrack and the complete song list of Netflix’s Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock.

The new movie has become an instant hit with fans although critics aren’t too keen. The music in the movie is bought in to increase the tension particularly when you never actually see the creatures.

Who composes the music for Bird Box?

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Bird Box drafted in two fantastic composers who you’re probably aware of already if you’re a film buff. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are behind the music.

You’ll probably know the pair from their work on The Social Network. The pair is also working on the upcoming HBO series, Watchmen.

In the credits, it says “Original score available via The Null Corporation.” The Null Corporation is behind Trent Reznor and Rob Sheridan’s main band Nine Inch Nails but as of the time of posting, the original score has yet to be made available.

You can hear the song used in the trailer below. The song is entitled “Elephant Music – Rakasha (Richard Schreiber)”.

Full Tracklisting of Bird Box

Only three other songs are used throughout the movie and we’ve included them below and in a Spotify playlist for you.

  • Coming Down – Dum Dum GirlsI
  • Say a Little Prayer – Dionne Warwick
  • Piano Sonata No 47 in B Minor, HOB. XVI: 32 – Il Menuet – Ben Lester

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