How to Browse English-Language Movies and Shows on Netflix

Tips and tricks on only viewing English language titles or hiding foreign titles from Netflix.

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We get a lot of people reach out to us asking when their favorite shows are coming back or to ask specific questions about individual shows. One request we get more than any other is how you can hide foreign titles (those not spoken primarily in English) from Netflix or, put it another way, show only English-speaking titles on Netflix only. While you can’t hide, you can browse the English-spoken titles. Here’s how to do just that.

While this is a heavily requested feature, we should note that Netflix’s foreign titles (primary language titles outside of English) are some of the best the service has to offer. Money Heist, Dark, 3%, Squid Game, and many more come to mind as some of the best in Netflix’s content arsenal.

Some of the reasons you may be looking for English-only titles include wanting to watch the title in the background. We’ve even had many people reach out to say that various disabilities mean they’re unable to enjoy Netflix’s non-English library.

While Netflix does assist with dubs and subs in most instances, sometimes it could just come down to personal preference that you prefer English-speaking titles, which is your prerogative at the end of the day.

As we’ve covered previously, Netflix’s library is still mostly made up of English titles. Back in August, we asked the question as to whether Netflix had too many non-English titles, with our research indicating that, in the US 55% of Netflix’s library is primarily in English.

Browing English Only Titles via Netflix

While you can hide titles on Netflix, you can’t blanket hide a specific language but you can browse languages on Netflix much easier than ever before.

This used to work by allowing you to select an audio language you wanted to hear (which included English dubbing) but has now been expanded to include three filter0 options:

  • Original Language
  • Dubbing
  • Subtitles

If you only want to watch English-language titles that were made in English, use this link. From here, you can sort the original language of a show in an A-Z format, allow the algorithm to make suggestions or pick by year released.

browse by language english netflix

Filter Netflix by Lanuage Options – Picture: Screencap

These filters allow you to filter all three of those options into over 40 languages.

Language options on Netflix include (but are not limited to):

  • Arabic
  • Basque
  • Bengali
  • Catalan
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Filipino
  • Finnish
  • French
  • French Canadian
  • Galician
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Hindi
  • Hungarian
  • Icelandic
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Malay
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Swahili
  • Swedish
  • Tamil
  • Thai
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian
  • Vietnamese

The major caveat is that you must browse via a web browser. Netflix’s mobile applications and TV applications, which is where you probably watch Netflix the most don’t allow you to sort in this manner.

The way to get around that is by using a web browser to find titles, add them to your Netflix queue, and then watch them at your leisure later via your list row.

Browsing English Only Titles via What’s on Netflix

When we set out to find exactly how many English titles are on Netflix, we added a feature to our Netflix Library area where we list all the titles in a given language. That results in our big list of English series and movies on Netflix list. There you can browse and search with expanded information on over 3000 English titles in the Netflix library.

We don’t include dubs in our list, only titles in their primary language.

There are a couple of caveats to our data, though. Firstly, it’s not 100% accurate as we’re sometimes slow at removing titles that have been removed from Netflix.

The biggest caveat of our library list will be if you’re not in the United States. Our library pages cover only the US Netflix selection, although we plan to eventually expand to the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

whats on netflix library english only

Screenshot: What’s on Netflix

So there you have it.  It’s probably not the answers or the solutions you wanted but we hope it helps a little.

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