What’s Coming to Netflix UK in August 2022

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Looking for what’s coming up on Netflix UK? We’ve got a preliminary list of all the new movies and shows coming up on Netflix in the UK throughout the month of August 2022.

While there’s plenty of new content to look forward to on Netflix UK, there are plenty of removals. There are lots of movies set to leave

As a reminder, every Friday, we recap the week’s new additions via our new on Netflix UK roundups.

Note: some titles coming up have been excluded from this list for brevity. 

Full List of What’s Coming to Netflix UK in August 2022

Games Coming to Netflix in August 2022

netflix games coming in august 2022

  • Heads Up! – Party charades game.
  • Immortality – Interactive movie (originally scheduled for July 2022).
  • Rival Pirates – 3D pirate adventure.
  • Twelve Minutes – Interactive thriller.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 1st

  • Big Tree City (Season 1) N – Animated kids series.
needle in a timestack netflix

Picture: Lionsgate

  • Needle in a Timestack (2021) – Sci-fi movie set in a future where time travel is as accessible as the internet.
  • Separation (2021) – A young girl finds solace in her artist father and the ghost of her dead mother.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 3rd

benediction movie netflix uk august 2022

Picture: Vertigo Releasing

  • Benediction (2021) – British LGBTQ movie starring Peter Capaldi, Jack Lowden and Simon Russell Beale. About an English poet discovering his sexual identity following WW1.
  • Don’t Blame Karma! (2022) N – Mexican rom-com based on a book.
  • Endless Night (Season 1) – Belgian mystery series about a 17-year-old that takes a drug with a group of new friends that allows them to dream while awake.
  • Good Morning, Veronica (Season 2) N – Brazillian crime series.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 4th

  • Lady Tamara (Season 1) N – Spanish-language reality series that focus on Tamara Falco.
super giant robot brothers netflix

Picture: Netflix

  • Super Giant Robot Brothers! (Season 1) N – Animated kids series about two robot siblings defending the Earth against monsters.
  • The Broken Hearts Gallery (2020) – Sony Pictures movie featuring Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 5th

  • Carter (2022) N – South Korean action movie starring Joo Woon and Lee Sung-jae.
  • Darlings (2022) N – Indian Hindi-language movie about a woman who had hoped her husband would stop drinking but instead events sends her down a path of revenge.
  • Lockdown – Nollywood drama.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 6th

  • Crossing Rachmaninoff – Italian LGBTQ music documentary.
  • For Military Merit – British military documentary.
Her Private Hell Netflix

Picture: Something Weird Video

  • Her Private Hell (1968) – Classic British movie from BFI.
  • Hunt for U-479 – Finnish military documentary.
  • Is God a Number? – British documentary.
  • La Ultima Cena (2020) – Spanish experimental drama.
  • Life Behind The Stars – Spanish science documentary.
  • Maniac Tales (2016) – Spanish zombie horror movie.
  • Maria Marten, or The Murder in the Red Barn (1936) – Old British crime movie set in 1820s rural England.
  • Melanie – Concert from Melanie Safka.
  • Nina Conti: Clowning Around – British documentary.
  • Ottomans versus Venetians: Battle for Crete – British documentary on the Venetian and Ottoman empires.
  • Peter Monoghan: A Portrait – Art documentary.
  • The Wedding Date (2005) – Amy Adams, Debra Messing and Demot Mulroney star in this Universal Pictures rom-com.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 7th

  • Terror In Mumbai (2009) – Documentary on the 2008 siege in Mumbai.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 8th

  • Codename: Emperor (2022) N – Spanish-language thriller about an intelligence agent tasked with incriminating a politician.
  • Sedna – French travel documentary.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 9th

  • I Just Killed My Dad (Season 1) N – Docuseries on Anthony Templet who shot is father.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 10th

  • Car Trouble (1986) – Classic British comedy movie.
  • Death of a Son – A grieving mother will stop at nothing to ensure that those involved with her son’s death are brought to justice in this drama based on a true story.
  • Four (2011) – British crime thriller about a businessman hiring a private detective to abduct his wife’s lover.
  • Instant Dream Home (Season 1) N – Danielle Brooks hosts a new reality home makeover show.
  • Locke & Key (Season 3) N – The final season of the comic book adaptation starring Emilia Jones, Connor Jessup and Darby Stanchfield.
  • Office Invasion – South African sci-fi movie.
  • School Tales: The Series (Season 1) N – Thai teen horror series.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 11th

  • DOTA: Dragon’s Blood (Book 3) N – Anime series based on an video game.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 12th

  • 13: The Musical (2022) N – Kids musical.
  • A Model Family (Season 1) N – Korean thriller series about an ordinary man on the brink of bankruptcy and divorce stumbling across money.
  • Day Shift (2022) N – Jamie Foxx stars alongside Snoop Dogg and Dave Franco in this vampire movie where Foxx stars as a vampire killer while under the guise of a cleaner.
  • Never Have I Ever (Season 3) N – The third season of Netflix’s coming-of-age series headlined by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 13th

  • The Byzantine Cat (2002) – British romantic comedy about a young journalist intrigued by the discovery of a cat’s monastery where the cats are blessed with miraculous gifts.
  • The Haunted Journey (2006) – British animated children’s movie inspired by The Wizard of Oz.
  • The Lost Capital of Atlantis – British documentary.
  • The Story of… Documentary Collection:
    • The Story Of… Coffee
    • Story of… Spice
    • Story of… Cheese
    • Story of… Ramadan
    • The Story of… Tea
    • Story of… Sugar
    • Story of… Beef
    • Story of… Chocolate

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 14th

momento netflix

Picture: Newmarket

  • Memento (2000) – Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending epic staring Guy Pearce.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 15th

  • Deepa & Anoop (Season 1) Netflix Original Kids – Joined by her color-changing pet elephant, a joyful little girl creates music, merriment and mischief at her Indian family’s Mango Manor hotel.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 16th

  • Barbie in Mermaid Tale (2010) – Kids animated special.
  • Barbie The Prince & The Popstar (2012)
    Barbie stars as a princess who would rather sing and dance than be a royal. When a famous pop star visits the kingdom, they decide to switch places.
  • Death Race: Inferno (2013) – Sci-fi film starring Luke Goss.
  • Kindergarten Cop 2 (2016) – Action comedy about a FBI agent going undercover as a kindergarten teacher.
Repo Men 2010 netflix

Picture: Universal Pictures

  • Repo Men (2010) – Jude Law and Forest Whitaker star in this sci-fi action thriller.
  • The Land Before Time: The Great Longneck Migration (2003) –  Animated children’s movie.
  • Tim Dillon: A Real Hero (2022) N – Stand-up comedy special.
  • Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist (2022) N – Sports documentary about NFL player Manti Te’o’s.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 17th

  • High Heat (Season 1) N – Mexican series created by José Ignacio Valenzuela.
look both ways poster 2 cleanup

Picture: Netflix

  • Look Both Ways (2022) N – Lili Reinhart stars in this rom-com about a girl getting to live out two lives following graduation.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 18th

  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (Season 3) N – The next installment of the animated series.
  • Inside the Mind of a Cat (2022) N – Cat experts dive into the feline’s mind.
  • Tekken: Bloodline (Season 1) N – Anime series based on the video game.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 19th

  • Dwindle – Nollywood drama.
  • Echoes (Limited Series) N – Identical twins Leni and Gina have secretly switched places for years. But when one sister disappears, both of their lives start to fall apart.
  • Kleo (Season 1) N – German TV thriller set just after the fall of the Berlin wall and a German spy sets out to get revenge.
  • The Assistant (2022) – Sony Malaysian movie.
  • The Cuphead Show! (Season 2) N – Kids animated series.
  • The Girl in the Mirror (Season 1) N – Spanish-language supernatural drama.
  • The Next 365 Days (2022) N – The third entry in the erotic drama series from Poland which lit up the top 10s during the pandemic.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 20th

  • Fullmetal Alchemist: The Revenge of Scar (2022) N – Anime live-action adaptation where the Elric brothers meet their toughest opponent yet.
  • Traveling in the 70s: The Road to Freedom – British documentary.
  • When Cousins Marry (2010) – Documentary on the ramifications of first cousins marrying.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 22nd

  • The Virtuoso (2021) – Anthony Hopkins stars in this crime thriller about a assassin having to figure out his target with only a tiny clue.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 23rd

  • Chad and JT Go Deep (Season 1) N – Variety comedy series.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 24th

lost ollie netflix

Picture: Netflix

  • Lost Ollie (Limited Series) N – New family limited series from Shannon Tindle. About a lost toy trying to find his owner.
  • Mo (Season 1) N – Comedy series from A24 and starring Mo Amer and Farah Bsieso.
  • Queer Eye: Brazil (Season 1) N – New spin-off series to the makeover reality series.
  • Selling the OC (Season 1) N – Reality series selling off luxury apartments in the OC. Companion series to Selling Sunset and Selling Tampa.
  • Superbro (Multiple Seasons) – Australian comedy series based on a YouTube sketch show.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 25th

  • A Kidnapping Scandal: The Florence Cassez Affair (Limited Series) N – Documentary series examines one of Mexico’s most controversial kidnapping cases.
  • Angry Birds: Summer Madness (Season 3) N – Animated kids series.
  • History 101 (Season 2) N – Docu-series psychedelic drugs, weaponized lasers, and even bottled water.
  • Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure (Season 1) N – Slice-of-life anime series about Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, Kiiroitori, and Kaoru going to play in an amusement park that is about to close.
  • That’s Amor (2022) N – After her job and relationship implode on the same day, Sofia starts from scratch — and meets a dashing Spanish chef who might be her missing ingredient.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 26th

  • Loving Adults (2022) N – Danish crime-thriller based on a book.
  • Ludik (Season 1) N – South African series.
  • Marcella (Season 3) – BBC thriller series.
  • Me Time (2022) N – Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg star in this new comedy.
  • Partner Track (Season 1) N – Series set in an elite NYC law firm and one young lawyer trying to make partner.
Seoul Vibe Netflix August

Picture: Netflix

  • Seoul Vibe (2022) N – Korean action movie.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 29th

  • Under Her Control (2022) Netflix Original Film – Spanish language movie.
  • Might Express (Season 7) N – Animated series.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 30th

  • I AM A KILLER (Season 3) N – Docu-series looking into some of the most notorious inmates.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on August 31st

  • Club América vs Club América (Limited Series) N – Looking into the most controversial football in Mexico.
  • Deceit (Limited Series) – Channel 4 biopic series on the honeytrap used in 1992 to capture the murderer of a young mother.
  • Family Secrets (Season 1) N – Polish series.
i came by netflix movie

Cr. Nick Wall/Netflix

  • I Came By (2022) N – Babak Anvari writes and directs this British movie about a rebellious young graffiti artist targets the homes of London’s wealthy elite.
  • Under Her Control (2022) N – Spanish thriller.

What are you looking forward to watching on Netflix UK in September 2022?

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