Can’t watch Black Mirror: Bandersnatch on Netflix? Here’s Why.

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The latest Black Mirror episode is here and it relies on the brand new interactive episode features that Netflix introduced several years back but fully fleshed out more recently. Having trouble getting the episode to load? Here are some tricks and reasons why you may not be able to watch. 

Interactivity on Netflix was first introduced back in June 2017 with the release of The Adventures of Puss in Books. The special was called Trapped in an Epic Tale.

Earlier in 2018, Netflix released the Telltale Game called Minecraft which saw five episodes release.

If your Bandersnatch isn’t loading, here’s a few reasons why.

Check you’ve got a compatible device

There are multiple devices that don’t currently support the interactive content from Netflix.

According to Netflix, these devices won’t work either:

  • Chromecasts
  • Windows App
  • Browsers using Silverlight ie Edge & Firefox. Google chrome does support it but make sure your browser is up-to-date.

We’ve also head reports of older Roku boxes also not supporting the new episodes either.

Naturally, Nintendo Wiis also don’t support the service and as you probably know, the Wii is due to stop supporting Netflix altogether soon.

If your device is one of the above, you’ll need to find another device to watch.

What to do if you have a compatible device

This will more than likely be because your device is running an outdated version. You’ll need to update. For Android and iOS users, head to your app stores to get the latest versions. Android users only got the interactive update over the past week so it’s likely this will be the reason you’re here.

For those watching on televisions, Playstation’s or Xbox’s, you’ll also find updated versions in the store. These updates all released a while back so your device should’ve auto-updated but if you didn’t, you’ll need to manually update.

For Android users, you’ll need Android 6.19 to run the interactive episodes. To check this, use the device guide below. If you’re below Android 6.19, you’ll need to get a new device.

In a later article, we’ll go into a bit more detail surrounding how exactly the Bandersnatch episode works on Netflix and why older devices can’t support it.

If you’re still confused, Netflix has multiple dedicated support lines that can help you get watching Bandersnatch.

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