Netflix Windows App Getting An Overhaul in June 2024; Downloads Will Be Removed

Some new features are being drafted in and some features like Downloads are being discontinued.

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Netflix App On Windows Getting Major Refresh

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A new report and update to the support pages confirms that the Netflix Windows app available from the Microsoft Store is about to undergo a big overhaul in design and features with some additions and one big removal.

Set to arrive in June 2024, according to the Windows Latest report, the Windows App will be getting an update “to offer a consistent, quality experience for our members,” says a support representative to the outlet, adding, “The new version will now include access to live events, compatibility with ad-supported plans, and more.”

One of the biggest changes is that those on Netflix’s ad tier will soon be able to access Netflix on Windows. At the moment, if you try booting up a title within the Netflix app while logged in under an ad tier, you get the message presented below saying, “Your plan does not support streaming on this device.” Currently, the only way to get around this is by upgrading your plan or moving to a web browser to watch Netflix, which has its own limitations.

Likewise, live streams only work on the Windows App currently after the fact when they’ve been edited. As Netflix expands its live programming, It wants all of its compatible devices to be able to participate.

On a Netflix support page, they confirm a new update is coming:

“A new Netflix app for Windows is coming soon, which includes support for watching live events, increased streaming quality, compatibility with ad-supported plans, and more. While downloads will no longer be supported, you can continue to watch TV shows and movies offline on a supported mobile device.

Enable automatic app updates from the Microsoft Store to get the new experience as soon as it’s available. Otherwise, you’ll be prompted to update to continue using the Netflix app for Windows.”

Downloads on Windows App Will Be Discontinued

According to the report, the downloads feature is the biggest feature that will be discontinued with the change.

This will leave only mobile and tablet devices able to download titles for watching offline. Of course, many will use the Windows app Netflix to download titles to their laptops while traveling or unable to connect to the internet.

Netflix Windows App Getting A Replacement In June 2024

The current iteration of the Netflix App with My Downloads

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