‘Coronavirus, Explained’ Limited Series Coming Soon to Netflix

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Coronavirus, Explained – Picture: Vox/Netflix

Netflix content doesn’t get much more topical than this. Coming to Netflix on April 26th is a new Netflix Explained mini-series that attempts to make sense of the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s what we know about the new documentary series. 

Coronavirus, Explained is a new mini-series from Netflix and Vox Media. Vox is an online news platform that provides free, simple-to-understand coverage on the news and current affairs.

This mini-series is part of Netflix’s Original catalog of Explained documentaries (also co-produced by Vox Media). You might have seen some of the other titles: Sex, Explained, The Mind, Explained, or the flagship series, Explained.

The factual series promises to bust the myths and stop the spread of misinformation about coronavirus. According to the trailer, it will explain what makes a pandemic, why the coronavirus, in particular, became a pandemic, and how a pandemic ends. It will also explore the mental health implications of the pandemic.

The show features a panel of experts on infectious diseases and public health, including Bill Gates.

When can I watch Coronavirus, Explained?

Coronavirus, Explained will arrive on Netflix this Sunday 26 April 2020.

If you set a reminder on Netflix, the show will appear in your List when it is live.

How many episodes of Coronavirus, Explained will there be?

Netflix has not specified how many episodes of Coronavirus, Explained there will be. However, both Sex, Explained and The Mind, Explained have five episodes per mini-series, so we’d expect to see something like that.

Judging from the previous Netflix-Vox mini-series, we would expect each episode to be about 20 minutes long. Of course, we could be wrong!

How did Netflix make Coronavirus, Explained so quickly?

Judging from the trailer, it looks like Netflix has reused existing content to make the mini-series.

Netflix actually released an episode of its main Explained series in 2019 titled ‘The Next Pandemic’. Most of the footage of Bill Gates and other experts seems to come from that. The Coronavirus, Explained trailer also shows some interview footage delivered via video call, so it does seem like some of it is new material.

Will you be tuning in to watch Coronavirus, Explained this Sunday? Let us know in the comments below.

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