Will Season 1 of Dietland come to Netflix?

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Dietland is the latest new series from AMC with the first season now airing weekly on AMC. Streaming plans for the show aren’t available yet but we’re going to look at what chances Dietland season 1 and beyond will be coming to Netflix across the English speaking regions of the streaming service.

The new show may have already flown under your radar this year and that absolutely shouldn’t be the case. Starring Julianna Margulies, Joy Nash, and Tamara Tunie this new comedy is perfect for the era of #MeToo. It’s about a fashion editor who decides to shake her poor body image. Meanwhile, men are dying violent deaths who have been accused of sexual abuse.

AMC will become increasingly reliant on new shows like Dietland and The Terror as its staples such as The Walking Dead face increasing problems and the likelihood of cancelation.

Dietland Could Come to Netflix in the United States

Streaming plans for the show have yet to be announced for the United States. Hulu, which holds many newer AMC shows adds new episodes on a weekly basis but that hasn’t been the case with Dietland. In fact, Hulu doesn’t even have a page setup for Dietland. Amazon isn’t getting new episodes either.

That means currently you can only stream Dietland through the AMC platforms but could indicate that Netflix may scoop up the show. Sadly, Netflix doesn’t pick up AMC shows until slightly before new seasons air meaning if Dietland season 1 does come to Netflix it won’t be until early 2019.

Dietland Won’t Come to Netflix UK

Dietland won’t be coming to Netflix in the United Kingdom. AMC does exist in the United Kingdom flying under the BT banner. With that said, Dietland isn’t airing on AMC in the United Kingdom, instead Amazon Prime is adding the weekly episodes to their Prime library. This deal is likely to be exclusive meaning that it won’t wind up on Netflix.

Would you like to see Dietland come to Netflix? Let us know down in the comments, of course, if we hear anything else, we’ll be sure to update this article.

Will Season 1 of Dietland come to Netflix?

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