Disney’s Coco will be on Netflix in May 2018

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Pixar’s second movie of 2017, Coco will be coming to Netflix in two popular Netflix regions with the likelihood of it arriving in more further down the line. We’ve got a predicted release date below.

Please note: This article covers the United States and Canada. 

Coco is Disney’s big fall animation release with it being the second movie from Pixar in 2017. Cars 3 was the first movie that Pixar released in 2017 (also coming to Netflix by the way) and is the studio’s most recent attempt to create some IP’s which it is in desperate need of.

The movie will take us to Mexico where the Day of the Dead literally brings back the dead for a day. One boy, who is destined to be a musician must go to the dead to find out his true destiny. The movie looks to be, if nothing else, a visual delight.

Netflix US & Canada Release Date for Coco

Along with Marvel, Star Wars and other Disney movies from 2017, they will all be added throughout the year in 2018. From the theatrical release, Netflix typically adds the movies around 9-10 months afterwards. Coco has been confirmed to be coming to Netflix in May 2018. More specifically, it’ll be arriving on May 29th.

Canada follows the same timeline but usually gets the movies dropped slightly before the United States.

Coco will be the last new Pixar movie added to Netflix US

The Incredibles 2 is the next Pixar release beyond Coco which is scheduled for next summer. Given the release schedule and the fact that the Disney contract concludes on January 1st, 2019, it’ll miss the cut-off. That means that Coco will be the last Pixar movie to come to Netflix from the theatrical releases at least.

What about Netflix UK?

Sky in the United Kingdom usually gets the rights to Disney movies first and then the movies usually then transfer over to Disney’s streaming service in the UK, DisneyLife. It may be the case that Netflix puts in a bid to stream it but those other two services are the better bets.

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