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TV series come and go but one that fans are determined to not let go is Forever. The short lived show only manage to air one full season on ABC before they pulled the plug a few weeks back. This along with 15 other shows faced the casualty of the axe given the increasing competition of the cable television environment. The series starred Fantastic 4’s Ioan Gruffudd who portrayed a 200 year old man living in New York attempting to find the reason for his immortality. The Forever writers account said that weak viewing numbers were among the reasons that the show fell by the wayside.

Yesterday we shared this photo asking fans across our network which show they’d like to see picked up by Netflix and as a result we’ve been bombarded with messages about how Netflix should be reviving Forever as part of their own Netflix Originals program.

Forever stood above the rest in regards with the amount of fans asking which fans they’d like to see revived on Netflix but is it likely to happen? Well you can never say never as many fans who were unhappy with the cancellation of Arrested Development managed to get another season made which came exclusively to Netflix a couple of years back. Netflix also does have a working relationship with ABC as they have many of their shows streaming across their many regions.

A petition has been created to save the show as well as a Twitter campaign using the hashtag #saveforever in an attempt to let industry leaders across the entertainment business know that this is a show that’s worth saving.

Franziska Dimitrova is one of the twitter users hoping to get the hashtag trending and said to us ‘Me and 3,000 fans and even more are going to (at least try) make a trend #SaveForever tomorrow. But I feel like it’s not enough.’ and that ‘It will be a Black Tuesday tomorrow for ABC. I feel like Netflix will do something about it.’

So if you’re one of the thousands of fans wanting Netflix to pick up the show Forever be sure to tweet Netflix at their official tag and get in touch with their help centre.

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