‘Farzar’ Canceled at Netflix Despite Season 2 Scripts Written

It's one and done for the adult animated series.

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farzar canceled at netflix wont return for season 2

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Farzar season 2 was meant to happen. But on November 15th, 2023, Deadline reported that the adult animated series won’t be returning for any additional episodes on the streaming service.

Released on Netflix in July 2022, Farzar was the sci-fi fantasy comedy from creators Waco O’Guin and Roger Black coming off the back of their successful run with Paradise PD for Netflix, which ran for four seasons and 40 episodes.

The pair work with Netflix under an overall deal with the animated for the show being handled by Bento Box Entertainment.

How well did Farzar perform on Netflix?

Following the show’s release, it failed to enter Netflix’s global top 10 for a single week. Zooming in further, thanks to FlixPatrol, we can see it only spent nine days in the top 10s in all regions. It failed to chart in the US top 10s and only charted in Australia and the UK top 10 for a single day before dropping out.

Reviews weren’t solid from either critics or audiences either. At the time of publishing, the show only has a 5.6 on IMDb.

We hear all the scripts have been completed for season 2 of Farzar. Indeed, numerous LinkedIn profiles of writers on the show confirm that season 2 was at one stage in pre-production and the story was written.

The news comes as Netflix’s animation department has gone through a continuous shift over the past few years with a change in management and strategy in recent years. On the TV side, Netflix’s animated output has favored video game adaptations and titles based on existing IP. It’s also strayed away from comedy output in recent years, which has struggled to perform in the top 10s.

Of course, should the series have returned, one of the big jobs would have been replacing the voice of Renzo, played by the late and great Lance Reddick. Other voice cast members for the series included Dana Snyder, David Kaye, Kari Wahlgren, and Jery Minor.

This wasn’t the only adult animated series canceled on November 15th. Deadline also confirmed that Captain Fall wouldn’t be returning for any additional season, nor will Agent Elvis (although that did appear to be more of a limited series anyway).

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