‘Six of Crows’ Spin-off Series Scrapped at Netflix

The show would've been a spin-off to Shadow and Bone.

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six of crows spinoff scrapped at netflix

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November 15th was a tough day for fans of Shadow and Bone, with Deadline announcing that season 3 of the show wouldn’t be moving forward. In addition, it’s now been confirmed that the proposed Six of Crows spin-off won’t be making its way into production either.

In case you missed it, following the conclusion of the actor’s strike, Deadline confirmed several Netflix projects had been canceled. Those included Glamorous, Captain Fall, Agent Elvis, and, sadly, Netflix’s big-budget series, Shadow and Bone.

Signs had been there over the summer that Netflix was likely not going to renew its fantasy epic, given the significant drop in viewership from the first to second season. Throughout the strike, Netflix insisted that it would decide on renewal after the strikes had concluded. That decision came, and it chose not to renew the show.

Six of Crows Was In Active Development But Not Greenlit

Over the years, rumors have sprouted of a spin-off being in development. The team behind the show eventually confirmed the existence and plans regarding a Six of Crows at numerous points. The crew features throughout the main Shadow and Bone series and is often considered one of the best parts.

Eric Heisserer told Entertainment Weekly in March 2023 that the spin-off would “be its own little season of fun that our characters would get to be a part of,” but added that it depends largely on the numbers for season 2.

After the release of season 2, Netflix confirmed that Six of Crows was in active development but wasn’t officially greenlit. Of course, since then, the strikes have put any proposed spin-off on pause.

Six of Crows Won’t Move Forward at Netflix

With Shadow and Bone canceled, there was a small hope that the Six of Crows spin-off may come to fruition, but that hope has now been extinguished.

In a statement on Instagram, Leigh Bardugo (the author of the books the series is based on) confirmed that not only had Shadow and Bone been canceled, but the spin-off was scrapped too.

Her complete statement is as follows:

“Friends, by now you’ve probably heard that there will be no season 3 for Shadow and Bone and no Six of Crows spinoff. The news hit me hard. I’m heartbroken and deeply disappointed, but I’m also trying to hold onto my very real gratitude. Most authors never get to see their work adapted. Many who do end up regretting the experience. I’m one of the lucky few who can look at an adaptation with pride and tremendous joy. I am so grateful to our writers, our crew, and our extraordinary cast who are not just wildly talented, but genuinely good people. Most of all I want to say how grateful I am to the folks reading this-whether you found your way to the books first or discovered them through the show. The Grishaverse is a better place because of you and I am so thankful for every tweet, post, comment, review, artwork, fic, tattoo, and cosplay that helped to make all of this possible. We’re book people and that means we never stop imagining that magic can be made real. You are proof of that. Now, I’m going to go have a cry, and maybe a drink, and then see where the story takes us next.
No mourners,”

We’re sure this story will develop in the coming days and weeks, so keep it locked here on What’s on Netflix for more.

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