Harry Potter is Coming to Netflix in January 2019 For Some

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Poor Netflix subscribers have been teased for months about Harry Potter coming to Netflix and it’s happening once again right now. Sadly, only a select few will be getting Harry Potter in January 2019 and that doesn’t include the United States, Canada or those in the United Kingdom. 

Let’s recap. Harry Potter is the massive movie franchise from Warner Brothers based on the book series from J. K. Rowling. The movie series saw

It’s not the first time Harry Potter has been rumored for release on Netflix. The last big wave came in October when Netflix in France announced it would be streaming the franchise in November. Many news outlets didn’t look very hard into the detail here and decided that everyone is getting the franchise.

Once again, people are getting confused.

Where is Harry Potter going to be on Netflix in January?

Harry Potter is coming to Netflix for those in Australia and New Zealand. Those in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada will continue without the movie franchise available. Netflix in the US has made significant deals with Warner Brothers recently but Harry Potter isn’t one of them.

It also wasn’t included in the official list of new releases for January 2019 either for those in the US.

Why the confusion this time?

Once again, the confusion seems to be coming from Facebook. Netflix on Facebook operates under a single handle but targets their users. With that said, if someone else shares a post there, it can quickly then be spread like wildfire in regions where it’s not applicable.

Also – viral websites have also cottoned onto the news once again.

Why isn’t Harry Potter coming to Netflix in January?

The reason why Harry Potter isn’t coming to Netflix is fairly simple. Netflix acquires licensing rights to movies and TV series often on a region by region basis. In the US, UK and Canada the rights are most likely either unobtainable or too expensive for Netflix to purchase.

In most regions, you’ll only find the series on video-on-demand services but NowTV is streaming the series in the UK.

Are you sad that Netflix won’t be getting Harry Potter in January? Let us know in the comments.

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