High-Rise Invasion Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & Release Date

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high rise invasion season 2 netflix renewal status and release date

High-Rise Invasion – Copyright. Zero-G

High-Rise Invasion got off to a blistering start on Netflix and thanks to an exhilarating first season, we can’t wait for season two! Sadly, Netflix has yet to renew the anime series, but we’ll be keeping track of everything you’ll need to know about the second season of High-Rise Invasion.

High-Rise Invasion is an upcoming Netflix Original horror-mystery Japanese anime series. Based on the manga of the same name by author Tsuina Miura, High Rise Invasion became the first full Original anime series to arrive on Netflix in 2021. Production of the series was handled by Zero-G, the studio responsible for anime such as Dive!!, Grand Blue and My Roommate is a Cat.

High-Rise Invasion season two Netflix Renewal Status

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 04/03/2021)

At the time of writing High-Rise Invasion has been available to stream on Netflix for just a little over a week. This means it’s still extremely early for Netflix to announce what the future holds for the anime. It could take as little as a month or potentially several months before we learn if High-Rise Invasion will be returning for season two.

A positive factor that will influence the series renewal is the fact that the anime made it into the Japanese top 10. It debuted in the top 10 at 8th and reached a high of 4th on March 1st. In total, the anime made it into the top 10 of nine other countries.

high rise invasion top 10 ranking

High-Rise Invasion season one recap

After surviving some extremely close calls upon entering the High-Rise realm, Yuri was able to ally herself with Mayuko, a knife-wielding high-schooler. Throughout the season Yuri made it her goal to reunite with her brother Rika while trying to avoid the murderous mind-controlled mask wearers. By befriending others trapped in the world, and defeating multiple mask wearers, Yuri eventually discovered the world is lacking a god, and the closer you are to becoming the god the more power and influence you can wield.

high rise invasion season 2 netflix renewal status and release date yuri

Meanwhile, Rika was also looking for his sibling, but after some confrontations and revelations, he became a prisoner of Mamoru Aikawa, the most influential adversary we’ve seen yet. Through using the ability to control masks, Aikawa manipulated the mask Great Angel, into attacking Yuri and her friends, resulting in the death of Kuzuma Aohara and the Swimmer Mask.

Kuon Shinzaki is one of the candidates closest to becoming God and has the incredible power of being able to control the giant rail gun located within the city. She was able to ally herself with Sniper Mask, and gradually the pair have grown closer, with Kuon very much in love with the expert marksman.

Sniper Mask is on the journey to rediscover his identity. Thanks to the help of Kuon, Sniper Mask learned his real name, Yu Makoto. He also knows he has a close relationship with Rika, hoping that their next encounter will reveal more about himself.

high rise invasion season 2 netflix renewal status and release date sniper mask

What to expect from the second season of High-Rise Invasion?

Will Yuri and Rika reunite?

As a prisoner of Aikawa, Rika is in a perilous position. Guarded by powerful mask users, it’ll take all the effort of Yuri and her friends to defeat the powerful God candidate. So long as Yuri can Aikawa, she and Rika can finally reunite in the hellish world.

Sniper Mask and Kuon

Sniper Mask and Kuon have grown incredibly close over the course of the first season, with Sniper Mask showing care and concern for her, while Kuon is very much in love with him. But will she ever be able to confess her feelings to Sniper Mask, or will tragedy rip away a budding romance?

high rise invasion season 2 netflix renewal status and release date kuon 1

More God Candidates

Aikawa has been seen to be the biggest threat thus far, wielding the ability to control up to 30 mask users. It’s more than likely that once Aikawa is dealt with, we’ll meet even more powerful God candidates with abilities that could rival Great Angel Mask.

Yuri and Kuon have shown themselves to be very powerful God candidates, especially now that Yuri wields the ability to control Great Angel Mask.

How much of the manga will the second season cover?

Out of the 258 published chapters, the anime has already covered 149 chapters. With just over 100 chapters remaining it’s highly like the second season will cover the rest of the manga.

high rise invasion season 2 netflix renewal status and release date manga chapter

When is the second season Netflix release date?

As we are still waiting on the renewal of the series, we can only speculate on the release of the second season.

Judging by the length of time it takes to produce an anime series, including the dozens of different dubs and subs for Netflix, we could be waiting until late 2022 for the release of season two.

Would you like to see a second season of High-Rise Invasion on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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