‘In Your Dreams’ Netflix Animated Movie: Everything We Know So Far

The animated movie is coming to Netflix globally in 2024.

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One of our most anticipated upcoming Netflix Original animated movies is undoubtedly In Your Dreams, a new original IP that’s scheduled to arrive globally in 2024. Here’s a rundown of everything we know so far about the new movie. 

Netflix first announced the new animated movie in April 2023 alongside a slew of other new movies coming soon to Netflix. It also came with the first-look image featured above. It’s unclear when exactly the movie began production, but we’ve seen people list the project in development as early as March 2020.

Before we dig into who’s behind the movie, let’s first examine what it’ll be about. Here’s the full synopsis for the movie as told by Netflix:

“A perfect family? Siblings who get along? Yeah… in your dreams. This is a comedy adventure about Stevie and her brother Elliot who magically travel into the world of dreams with the mission of finding The Sandman who will grant them their ultimate wish — saving their parents’ marriage. The kids are total opposites, making them an unlikely duo to navigate the absurdity of their own subconscious. Along their journey, they discover that as long as they have each other, they can face anything, even their worst nightmare.”

Who is the studio behind In Your Dreams?

Kuku Studios, based out of California, is the main studio behind the movie. The studio was founded and run by Alex Woo, who is the main director of the feature.

Before In Your Dreams, the studio worked on Netflix’s preschool animated series Go! Go! Cory Carson (Toot-Toot Cory Carson in international territories), which ran for multiple seasons and saw multiple spin-offs, too. The series has been active since 2020.

In Your Dreams is listed on their projects page with the following caption:

“At long last we are excited to show a tiny glimpse into our very first feature film! Netflix held a special sneak preview event showcasing their animation slate for the next couple of years and shared the first tidbit of information and a still from our film — In Your Dreams!

We’re looking forward to sharing more in the months to come as we prepare for the film’s release sometime in 2024!”

kuku studios logo sting

Kuku Studios Logo

Also animating on the project is Sony Pictures Imageworks.

They’re the incredible studio behind the likes of Spider-Man: Across The Spider-verse and some of Netflix’s biggest and best-animated titles, too. You can also see their work on Netflix’s Oscar-nominated The Sea Beast and were behind the Netflix-acquired titles The Mitchells vs. The Machines and Vivo.

They have teams in Vancouver and Montreal in Canada and in California.


sony pictures imageworks animated movies

Sony Pictures Imageworks


Who’s working on Netflix’s In Your Dreams?

As mentioned, Alex Woo is the movie’s director alongside co-director Erik Benson. Woo worked on the aforementioned Go! Go! Cory Carson as executive producer. Benson also worked on Cory Carson served as a storyboard consultant on Netflix’s My Father’s Dragon, and was involved in Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur and Toy Story 4.

Gregg Taylor and Tim Hahn serve as producers.

Of course, animation requires an army of animators, artists, and other specialized roles to bring the story to screen. Among the people we’ve seen working on the movie include – but certainly not limited to:

  • Nick Barber – Senior Rough Layout Artist
  • Hannah Beadle – Concept Artist
  • Nicole Brisson – Lighting/Environments Coordinator
  • Nicolas Burnmester – Animator
  • David Canoville – Storyboard Artist
  • Marisa X. Castro – Art Department Production Manager
  • Daniel Ceballos – Animator
  • Ying Hsuan Chen – Story Artist
  • David Condolora – First Assistant Editor
  • Rhea Dadoo – Story Artist
  • Jessica Gallaher – Storyboard Artist
  • Robin Garcia – Associate Production Manager
  • Jessica Giang – Senior Rough and Final Layout Artist
  • Kiel Gnebba – FX Lead
  • Fausto Estrada Guerrero – Rough Layout Artist
  • Jeremy Hoey – Environments Supervisor
  • Gian Huang – Story Department Production Coordinator
  • Vincent Lau – Story Artist/Writer
  • Jaemi Lee – Character Rigger
  • Joy Liu – Senior Character Animator
  • Ben Mansfield – Story Artist
  • Darren Marshall – Visual Development Artist
  • Amy Elizabeth Moore – Visual Development Team Lead
  • Lea Morement – Associate Editor
  • Ryan Pfeifenroth – Intermediate Animator
  • Tony Piedra – 2D/3D Visual Development Artist
  • Stalin Ranjith S – Intermediate Animator
  • Carey A. Smith – Associate Producer
  • Josef Swift – Lead Modeler
  • Nicholas Sy – Second Assistant Editor

Other Netflix Original animated movies set to drop in 2024 include Thelma the Unicorn, That Christmas, Ultraman, and Saving Bikini Bottom: The Sandy Cheeks Movie.

For more upcoming Netflix Original animated feature films, check out our full preview for all those coming in 2023, 2024, and beyond.

We’ll be continuously looking to update this preview over time as and when we learn more. Let us know in the comments if you’re looking forward to catching In Your Dreams on Netflix sometime in 2024.

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