Is Big Mouth Season 3 Coming to Netflix in February 2019?

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Netflix has had some amazing Adult Animated series over the past few years. One of which is the incredibly popular Big Mouth. With the second season has just released in October we shouldn’t expect to see the third season until later this year. Except we are now seeing the rumors that we could see a potential February release date!? Is Big Mouth season 3 coming to Netflix in February? Let’s find out.

Big Mouth is a Netflix Original Adult-Animated Comedy created by Nick Kroll. After 2 hilarious seasons of pubacious debauchery, it comes as a huge surprise that rumors of an imminent release date have surfaced! With no word coming from Netflix is this a mistake on their part? Or is Netflix planning to announce the news with only a week before its listed release date!?

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Rumours surfaced on Twitter

Today Twitter has been abuzz with some fans tweeting to Netflix if Big Mouth season 3 is coming in February? Why is this? Well, some fans that have been browsing their coming soon page have seen Big Mouth season 3 listed to be released on February 8th. As expected fans have screenshot their findings and are demanding answers!

We went hunting on our own devices and we can confirm that Big Mouth season 3 has officially been listed in the coming soon page. Due to the fact we use Android devices, we are unable to take screenshots. But at the time of writing if you can find the coming soon page on the app you will see Big Mouth listed.

Is Big Mouth coming to Netflix February 8th?

There has been no official confirmation online from Netflix about the release of Big Mouth. Considering the release date listed is imminent the fact no teaser or trailer has been released would suggest that this has been listed by accident. Also, there has been no word from creator and actor Nick Kroll regarding where production of season 3 is up to.

To add water to the fire the past 2 seasons released in September and October respectively. On the official media page of Netflix, Big Mouth hasn’t been listed for an upcoming release in February.

Thanks to the lack of press we are of the opinion that Netflix has listed Big Mouth on their app as a mistake.

Screenshot taken from the official Netflix media page – Copyright Netflix

So when is the release date for season 3 of Big Mouth?

To reiterate there hasn’t been an official release date given by Netflix. If we go by the previous seasons we are expecting season 3 of Big Mouth to drop in September or October 2019.

Are you excited for season 3 of Big Mouth? Let us know in the comments below!

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