Is ‘Gremlins’ on Netflix?

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If you love Christmas movies the chances are that the Gremlins movies will be on your list of things to watch over the holidays. Well if you’re looking for them on Netflix you may be in luck depending on where you live in the world. Let’s take you through the Gremlins legacy and then find if the two movies are streaming on Netflix.

The first movie came out midway through the 1980’s and is generally loved by most with a generation of kids now returning to the movie each and every year. It’s been said that it’s one of the best alternative Christmas movies going right now. After looking for a gift for his son, he manages to find a mogwai but tells the father to not expose it to bright light, water or feed him after midnight. Isn’t it technically always after midnight? I digress. You can probably tell how that ends and results in a bunch of gremlins causing a riot.

The movies no doubt spawned the impending Furby revolution and still is referenced to this very day.

As with other popular Christmas movies at this time of the year, the licenses to stream these movies become particularly expensive. With Gremlins, the chances are you won’t be streaming any of the movies in regions such as the USA, United Kingdom, Canada or Australia.

Are the Gremlins movies on Netflix?

The first movie Gremlins (1984) is available on some Netflix regions though including the United States, Poland, Czech Republic and India.

The sequel Gremlins 2: A New Batch (1990) is sadly not streaming on Netflix anywhere in the world which is probably for the best.

There you have it, the Gremlins movies on Netflix, the answer may not be what you’re after but there are plenty of video-on-demand services which will cater for your Gremlins fix over the holidays.

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