Is Season 1 of Cloak and Dagger on Netflix?

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Marvel’s new series premiering for the first time in June 2018 most likely won’t be coming to Netflix in either the United States and the United Kingdom. We’ve got full details on the shows streaming plans plus some Marvel alternatives you can watch on Netflix instead. 

Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe is as strong now as its ever been, it’s had a bit of a harder time adapting to the TV. Last years Inhumans is a prime example as it failed to win the approval of either fans or critics resulting in its cancelation. Likewise, some of Netflix’s own Defenders series being less than stellar.

The new series adapts the comic book of the same name into a TV series format. The two main characters are played by Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joeseph discover their new powers year later after an oil rig home to an experiment gifted them with powers. The pair come from very different backgrounds and throughout they find they’re constantly drawn to each other.

Netflix is no stranger to the Marvel universe. It is the exclusive host of The Defenders universe where new seasons are releasing every three to five months. It’s also, at least in the US, been the recipient of brand new Marvel theatrical movies thanks to the Disney contract.

Why Cloak and Dagger won’t be on Netflix USA

Netflix in the United States hasn’t managed to acquire any of the Marvel shows from other providers since Agents of SHIELD. This includes Agent Carter which skipped Netflfavorfavour of Hulu as did last years doomed Inhumans series.

Hulu is also to be the exclusive provider of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger and will be releasing new episodes on a weekly basis soon after it airs on Freeform.

Why Cloak and Dagger won’t be on Netflix UK

Unfortunately, the United Kingdom won’t be getting any season of Cloak and Dagger. As with all Marvel shows excluding The Defenders, another provider has picked up the show. This time around, Netflix lost the series to Amazon Prime. Prime will be streaming new episodes of Cloak & Dagger on a weekly basis.

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