Is Seasons 1 to 4 of ‘The Affair’ on Netflix?

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The Affair Courtesey of Showtime

Showtime’s current prime-time Sunday drama is now into its fourth season and if you’re looking to catch up on Netflix, you’re probably going to be out of luck. Here’s a look as to whether seasons 1 through to 4 of The Affair is on Netflix, whether it will come to Netflix and where you can stream the show instead. 

The often steamy drama began airing on Showtime back in 2014 and has remained a popular hit with both fans and critics. As a result, many will want to watch on Netflix.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, The Affair isn’t on Netflix in Netflix in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia or Canada.

The Affair is on Netflix for some

Seasons 1 through 3 can be found on Netflix in many regions although none of which are English speaking regions that we cover. You can currently find the first three seasons in Brazil, Hong Kong, Israel, India, Poland, Singapore.

These regions will be getting season 4 of The Affair but we don’t have firm dates. Some regions get updated in April whereas others get it a couple of months after the finale which is due to air in August/September 2018.

Where can you stream The Affair in the United States?

There’s a couple of different ways you can stream The Affair in the United States but it’s going to cost you. Hulu offers the shows part of an add-on. That means that if you’re a Hulu subscriber already you won’t have access to the show, instead, you’ll have to get the Showtime add-on.

Showtime also offers catchup through its own applications too.

Netflix Alternatives to The Affair

Netflix does have a few shows for you to enjoy if you’re a fan of The Affair. The biggest alternate show is Gypsy. The albeit shortlived show aired last year and is about a therapist who gets involved with one of her client’s girlfriends romantically.

For some, You Me Her streams exclusively on the service. Some of the most high profile affairs are also demonstrated in Netflix’s The Crown.

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