Is The Incredibles Available on Netflix?

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One of 2018’s biggest theatrical releases will be The Incredibles 2, the follow-up to the 2004 superhero movie that’s desperately needed a new sequel. As the hype for the new movie reaches its peak, we’re taking a look around Netflix to see whether the original 2004 movie is streaming on Netflix.

Pixar is one of Disney’s main movie studios with titles like Toy Story, Up, Cars, Inside Out and Wall-E under their belt. They’re a veteran studio and therefore their titles are extremely popular. This is something to remember when we look at the streaming rights in each region in a second. Released in 2006, The Incredibles is Pixar’s take on the superhero genre which has become extremely popular since the movie launched. It features Mr Incredible and Elastagirl who has to settle down after heroes have been exiled from performing public services.

The movie is among Pixar’s best with one outlet categorically calling it the best movie the studio has produced.

The Incredibles on Netflix US

The Incredibles is of course, not available on Netflix US and in fact, it’s vacant from every well-known streaming service in the United States. Up until The Incredibles 2 launch you’ll have to use a video on demand service to watch or wait until next year when it inevitably will arrive on Disney’s new streaming service.

The Incredibles on Netflix UK

Over in the United Kingdom, you aren’t able to currently stream the first Incredibles. That’s despite Netflix managing to pick up several Pixar movies over the years. So although you won’t be streaming The Incredibles on Netflix this year, you do have a choice of two alternatives. The first is the NowTV movie pass which has been streaming The Incredibles for several years now. Likewise, DisneyLife also carries The Incredibles plus every other Pixar movie too.

Regions Streaming The Incredibles

A limited amount of regions are currently streaming The Incredibles according to Unogs. These include Germany, Argentina, Brazil and Spain. Singapore is also streaming the movie in both an English version and a special Taiwan version too.

The Incredibles is on Netflix DVD

If you have a Netflix DVD subscription, you’ll be able to find the movie on there but be careful, when movies become popular as The Incredibles will, wait times may be longer than normal. Netflix DVD is only available in the United States.

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