The Secret Life of the American Teenager Leaving Netflix in May

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One of Freeform’s most notable titles is scheduled to be removed from Netflix in May 2018. The Secret Life of the American Teenager has been off the air for a number of years but for many, Netflix is the best place to rewatch the series over and over again. That may be coming to an end. 

The teen drama is a favorite among the younger generations. It ran between 2008 and 2013 with five seasons under its belt, all of which are scheduled for removal. The show told the story of a teen who had an unexpected teen pregnancy.The cast includes Shailene Woodley, Kenny Baumann, Daren Kagasoff, Francia Raisa, Greg Finley, Megan Park, India Eisley, Jorge-Luis Pallo, Mark Derwin and Molly Ringwald.

The show is scheduled to leave Netflix on May 2nd. 

Why is it leaving?

Freeform in case you didn’t know is owned by Disney who also has multiple other titles leaving next month including Little Einsteins and Phineas and Ferb. The reason for the renewal/removal is because of how Netflix acquires its titles from third parties. More often than not, it buys its content in yearly cycles only acquiring the license to stream the show for a limited amount of time. Both Netflix and the third party have to come to a deal to keep the show streaming further down the line.

In the case of Freeform, owned by Disney, we’re likely going to see it shifting some of its content over to the rumored Disney platform coming next year. It’s also worth noting that Disney owns a stake in Hulu too.

As always, dates with Netflix are always subject to change. This removal date is just a notice at this point and Netflix may action a renewal but it’s worth noting that because of the above reasons, we don’t believe that to be the case. Instead, we suggest you watch any remaining episodes or find an alternative place to watch.

Freeform continues to have a large library on Netflix all of which we can confidently recommend if you like this series.

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