Is The Netflix ‘Amanda Knox’ Documentary The Next ‘Making a Murderer’?

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When it comes to Netflix Documentaries, Netflix certainly isn’t shy at pushing boundaries. It’s released documentaries on a lot of great subjects and a lot of serious issues which would otherwise be considered too controversial for a big network to take on the project.

The biggest success in the Netflix Original documentary lineup has been the cultural sensation that hit Netflix in time for Christmas last year, Making a Murderer. It delved deep into a case which from the outside is pretty convincing that he’s guilty. By the end of the documentary, you’re left swinging the other way. It sparked worldwide attention and massive media attention ever since and has been renewed for a second season. Netflix now hopes to do the same for Amanda Knox who has herself been involved in a controversy relatively recently.

If you weren’t aware, Amanda Knox was an American student who allegedly murdered another British student in Italy. Her involvement in the tragic killing is still to this day refuted among the defense.

Although the story of Amanda Knox is a lot more well known leading up to the documentary you’re opinion may already be set. The Netflix documentary seeks to tell her side of the story with exclusive access to the case with in-depth interviews with Amanda herself and other people related to the crime investigation.

Unlike Making a Murderer, Amanda Knox is done in a more traditional documentary movie format so don’t expect a 10-12 hour binge like Making a Murderer.

Also unlike Making a Murderer which was heavily skewed towards putting Steven Avery in a guilty position, the Netflix Amanda Knox documentary will be leaving the ultimate decision up to you. We can tell this by the fact that Netflix released two trailers simultaneously for the doc with one being called “Believe her” and the other “Suspect her”

The documentary has solid talent behind it with the Chef’s Table Brian McGinn and Rod Blackhurst directing and Mette Heide producing. Although the film was part of the Toronto film festival, the documentary will be releasing to the public in its worldwide debut on Netflix on September 30th, 2016.

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