Jason Momoa’s ‘Braven’ Coming to Netflix in December 2020

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jason momoa braven coming to netflix december 2020

Braven – Picture: Lionsgate

One of the licensed movies winging its way onto Netflix just in time for Christmas in the US next month is a Jason Momoa movie that often gets overlooked. Braven will be hitting Netflix on December 17th, 2020.

Braven features Jason Momoa as a logger named Joe Braven looking to defend his family in a remote part of the world when he gets involved with some dangerous drug runners.

The movie scored well with both critics and audiences with it currently boasting a flat 6.0 on IMDb and a 61 on Metacritic. The movie, however, was a box office bomb failing to reach $1m internationally with no domestic (US) figures reported.

Lionsgate distributed the movie and is produced by Saban Films. Although Netflix and Lionsgate don’t have a publicized deal with each other, we’ve seen a number of Lionsgate movies added throughout the year.

Although we’re only expecting Netflix US to receive the title in December, Unogs reports that the United Kingdom and Japan are also currently streaming the movie.

WeGotThisCovered picked up on the fact (via our December 2020 preview) and referred to it as a “forgotten” movie. The month looks pretty packed with licensed action movies thus far. Ava starring Jessica Chastain is due to hit on December 7th and Trial 9 on December 8th.

For many, of course, this won’t replace season 4 of Frontier which has yet to come to fruition and by all accounts, won’t be happening at Netflix or Discovery Canada.

There is more good news for Momoa fans although it’s yet to be officially confirmed. RedanianIntelligence reported back in September that Netflix is currently eying the actor for its prequel to The Witcher.

Will you be checking out Braven when it releases on Netflix US next month? Let us know in the comments.

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