Jason Bateman and Jude Law Netflix Series ‘Black Rabbit’: Everything We Know

Filming on the new limited series is underway in New York City and the surrounding areas.

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Netflix is teaming up with Ozark producer, director, and actor Jason Bateman for a new limited series called Black Rabbit. Bateman will star in the series and feature Fantastic Beasts star Jude Law.

The drama, announced in October 2022, hails from Bateman and Michael Costigan’s Aggregate Films, Law and Ben Jackson’s Riff Raff Entertainment, Zach Baylin and Kate Susman’s Youngblood Pictures, and Automatik Entertainment.

Jason Bateman will direct all episodes of the upcoming limited series. After taking charge of several episodes of Netflix’s smash-hit crime drama Ozark, the actor has further explored the world of directing. The scripts for Black Rabbit were written by Zach Baylin, who got wide acclaim for his script for the Will Smith-starring movie King Richard and his wife and creative partner Kate Susman, for whom Black Rabbit will be a screenwriting debut.

This is one of many projects coming from Bateman and his production company, Aggregate Films, which works with Netflix under a creative partnership that was struck back in July 2018. Other notable projects include Florida Man, Dark Wire, Here Comes the Flood, Movie Night, and many more.

Here’s everything else we know about Netflix’s Black Rabbit:

What’s the plot of Black Rabbit?

The premise for Black Rabbit is still being kept heavily under wraps beyond a short logline:

“When the owner of a New York City hotspot allows his turbulent brother back in his life, he opens the door to escalating dangers that threaten to bring down everything he’s built.”

Who is cast in Black Rabbit?

Cast Grid For Black Rabbit Netflix

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It has been confirmed that Black Rabbit’s director, Jason Bateman, will also star throughout the series as one of the main credits. Bateman’s recent credits include the highly acclaimed Netflix drama Ozark, which was just concluded in 2022. Bateman will be joined by Fantastic Beasts and Sherlock Holmes star Jude Law.

Through filming, we also know that Dagmara Dominczyk has been cast in the series. The Polish actress is best known for the recent release of Miller’s Girl (available on Netflix in the US from April), Succession, and Priscilla.

Also in the cast are:

  • Amaka Okafor (Bodies, The Responder)
  • Cleopatra Coleman (Rebel Moon — Part One: A Child of Fire, Clipped)
  • Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù (Gangs of London, Slow Horses)

How many episodes will be in Black Rabbit?

The number of episodes for Netflix’s Black Rabbit hasn’t been disclosed, but a logical estimate would be between 6 and 10.

It has been confirmed that each episode will be one hour long.

What’s the production status of Black Rabbit?

As we reported in February 2024, filming for Black Rabbit was underway on April 15th, 2024, with much of the filming in public view throughout New York City. Metro was the first to release photos of the pair

Filming is scheduled for 163 days (just over five months), with the current wrap date set for September 25th, 2024.

Numerous casting calls are available for background actors for the production, which looks like it has the codename of Gary, The Dog.

Jason Bateman Directs Jude Law On The Set Of “black Rabbit” In Nyc

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Jude Law Shoots Scenes For "black Rabbit" In The West Village

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Celebrity Sightings In New York April 22, 2024

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Celebrity Sightings In New York City April 23, 2024

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Celebrity Sightings In New York City April 23, 2024

Photo by Gotham/GC Images

Celebrity Sightings In New York April 22, 2024

Photo by METROPOLIS/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

What’s the Netflix release date for Black Rabbit?

Since filming isn’t scheduled to conclude by late September 2024, a 2024 release is incredibly unlikely.

Instead, we’re expecting a 2025 release, with it likely aiming for a release sometime in the Spring or Summer.

Are you looking forward to the release of Black Rabbit on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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