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Kingdom – Copyright Netflix

The long-anticipated second season of Kingdom is finally upon us, and we can watch the undead horde ravish Korea once again. With only a day left to go before season 2 arrives, make sure to refresh your knowledge and learn everything there is to know about Kingdom season 2 on Netflix.

Kingdom is based on the Korean webcomic Land of the Gods by author Kim Eun-hee. Already a well-known, respected playwright and screenwriter in Korea, Kim Eun-hee was also the writer of the series and adapted her webcomic to a mainstream audience. With a phenomenal cast, cinematography, story, and beautiful design, it’s easy to see why so many have fallen in love with the show. That being said, we’ve only sampled half of what Kingdom has to offer, so imagine how everyone will feel by the finale of season 2.

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The series has already become a personal favorite of ours at What’s on Netflix, and the internet has agreed in their own hordes as to why Kingdom is one of the best the streaming service has to offer.

In the Joseon period of Korea, the Crown Prince Change is caught in a political conspiracy and is forced to flee the capital. Upon his investigation into the man who treated his father, the King, Chang’s mission soon turns sour as he learns the doctor’s work has led to the creation of a mysterious plague that raises the dead. As the flesh-eating epidemic threatens the country, the Crown Prince must unite the people and save Korea.

Renewal: Kingdom Season 2

Absolutely. In fact, we knew about the second season long before the first had dropped onto Netflix.

Release Date: Kingdom Season 2

At the time of writing this update, the second season of Kingdom is arriving tomorrow on Friday the 13th, March 2020.

Production Status: Kingdom Season 2

Official production began in February 2019 and that was confirmed thanks to all the cast gathering for the first table read.

First script reading of Kingdom season 2

Officially, only two stills have been released for the second season of Kingdom.


The production of season two could take around four to six months to produce. February is the final month of Winter in South Korea so due to how the finale of season 1 ended for story purposes it made sense for them to begin production during a winter month. What makes further sense for the story is the warmer months of spring which will also be vital to the story.

According to IMDb, filming of season 1 began on the 8th of November and ended on the 21st of December. We could see a shorter production time for season 2 as pre-production for all of Kingdom was likely completed before the filming of season 1.

Production Postponement

Production was postponed for a week in March after a member of staff tragically died in a car accident on the way to the set. The member of staff was only 20 years old, making him one of the youngest that was working on the Netflix Original. Production was postponed for the week so staff members could attend his funeral.

Production is still ongoing with the most recent update we’ve seen is actress Bae Donna on set on the 6th of June. With the production of Season 2 starting in February we are expecting filming to conclude soon.

What to expect: Kingdom Season 2

The Horde

We’ll begin with the defense of Sangju, as the horde of undead is mere moments away from attacking the city. To the shock of Prince Chang and his fellow defenders, the undead is still active while the sun is out. Many can expect to die, but An Hyun’s genius may save the survivors of Sangju.

Seo-Bi and Beom-Pal discovered the flower from the Frozen Valley that caused the plague of the undead. After being found by the undead in the sunlight they both came to the realization that it wasn’t the sun they hid from, but the warmth. With the flower in collected Seo-Bi and can now try to develop a cure for the plague. But with only a small amount of water separating the pair from the zombies, things are looking dire. It will take a miracle for the pair to escape.

The Capital

In the capital of Hanyang, Queen Cho is now being used as a puppet by her father. Locking out the people from the regions of Gyeongbuk and Gyeongnam, the people have been left to die by the zombies. Guarding the gates and walls is the fierce ‘fiver armies’ who will kill any that attempt to escape the horde of undead. With Cho still out for revenge for the death of his son, Prince Chang is caught between the horde of undead and the man running the country who wants his head on a platter.

Meanwhile, Queen Cho has been scheming herself. After it was revealed that she was faking her pregnancy, the Queen’s plan was to steal a boy from the first woman to give birth from the group of pregnant women. Not realizing the insidious motive of why even common women have also been looked after, the first male born will take the place as the heir of the King and the Cho clan. Thus eliminating Prince Chang’s right as the heir to the King.

The Cast: Kingdom Season 2

The following cast members will be returning for the second season of Kingdom:

Role Actor/Actress Where have I seen/heard them before?
Crown Prince Chang Ju Ji-Hoon Asure: The City of Madness, Antique, The Spy Gone North
Seo-Bi Bae Doo-Na Sense8, Cloud Atlas, The Host
Cho Ryoo Seung-Ryong Miracle in Cell No. 7, All About My Wife, War of the Arrows
Queen Cho Kim Hye-Jun Matrimonial Chaos, Just Between Lovers
Moo-Young Kim Sang-Ho The Happy Life, Moby Dick, Doctor Stranger
Young-Shin Kim Sung-Kyu The Outlaws, Tunnel, The Accidental Detective
An Hyun Heo Jun-Ho Silmido, Demon Empire, Hwasango
Jo Beom-Pal Jun Suk-Ho Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon, Intruders, Lucid Dream

Some new casting announcements have been announced, including Park Byung Eun and Kim Tae Hoon.

We have even more casting news for Kingdom, as popular actress Jun Ji Hyun has been cast for the series finale! This is huge news as this will be her first role on television in over four years.

What’s even more important about the casting of Jun Ji Hyun is she has reportedly been signed on for the third season of Kingdom. There has been no confirmation that Netflix has plans for season 3, but the agency that represents Jun Ji Hyun has stated that an offer was given.

Theories: Kingdom Season 2

Below are some theories that we discussed we thought it would be great to share a few of them with you!

The power of the sun

The grand twist at the end of season 1 was the reveal of the zombie’s weakness to warm air and not light. As we can assume winter has arrived, this would mean the cold air would allow the zombies more time to stay active throughout the day.

We are theorizing that for now, the zombies will not remain active for the full 24 hours of a day. This is because the temperature would continue to increase throughout the day, therefore, we believe that the window of time between when the humans are safe will become shorter and shorter as the cold air from winter sets. Of course, this means the humans will have to fight longer and have smaller amounts of time to prepare for a zombie attack.

The zombies hiding from the warmth of the sun – Copyright Netflix

The Crown Prince Guard’s son is the future King

Guard of the Crown Prince Muyeong was arguably one of the most loveable characters in Kingdom. His loyalty, love, and dedication to the Crown Prince were second to none, risking his life many times for his master.

It was revealed that Moo-Young sent his wife away to ensure her safety while pregnant with their child. Having taken shelter with the other pregnant women, it can be expected that whichever woman gives birth to a baby boy will be disposed of, and the boy will be taken away to be used as the fake heir to the throne. In a cruel twist of fate, we expect the Queen to steal the baby of Moo-Young and his wife and use their child as her fake heir. Sadly, this would also mean that Moo-Young’s wife would have to die for the Queen’s plan. Having already given so much of himself to the royal family, would this break Moo-Young?

One thing to note as well, the wife of Moo-Young may discover the insidious plot by accident. If she is not the woman to give birth to a boy then she could be the person to tell Prince Chang the truth of the king’s new heir.

The Crown Prince Guard – Copyright Netflix

The Horde will break the defense of the five armies

At the city of Sangju, we can expect the Crown Prince and the city defenses to hold back the horde of the undead for now. The same may not happen at the borders of Gyeongnam and Gyeongbuk. Many thousands of scared peasants and nobles will flock to the walls for safety only to be turned away or killed by the five armies. Inevitably anyone unable to escape or hide will be eaten and thus turned by the horde of the dead.

With the ranks of the undead only growing in number there may be too much for the army to handle. Some of those walls look rather shallow and if the dead start climbing on top of each other to get to their prey… it won’t take long for a horde to breach the defense. The five armies look very well prepared for the undead but for those yet to fight the horde will have no idea what’s coming to hunt them.

The regions of Gyeongbuk and Gyeongnam are left to the undead horde – Copyright Netflix

Korean Webcomic: Kingdom Season 2

Both the webcomic and the series were written by Kim Eun-Hee. While there are elements of the story taken from the webcomic, overall, the Netflix Original series is just based on the webcomic idea. What I mean by this is the series does not follow the story of the webcomic.

The webcomic Land of the Gods which Kingdom is based upon – Copyright YLAB and Kim Eun Hee

Episode Count: Kingdom Season 2

The second season will air with six episodes. Each episode will have a run time of around 60 minutes.

Originally meant to be a limited series with 8 episodes ordered, Netflix has instead decided to split the series into 2 seasons. So while we’ll be waiting months before the arrival of season 2 we’ll be receiving more episodes than originally intended!

Are you excited for the release of Kingdom Season 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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